As we close the curtain on 2018, California wouldn't be ringing the New Year in properly without a new set of laws for rental property owners to obey. 

The epic battle to defeat Proposition 10 has overshadowed many other initiatives that were successfully passed under the dome of the Capitol and in city halls.

We summarize some of the new laws the industry should be aware of here.
Meet your new advocate, Dylan Tong. Or, not so new.

2019 not only ushers in new laws for property owners to contend with - it also welcomes Dylan in the capacity of an attorney.

Dylan was introduced to us as an intern as he pursued a law degree. He paid his dues,graduated cum laude and passed the bar exam, but along the way, he became quite valuable in helping us secure victories for property owners. We are thrilled to have him stay on board with Esquire after his name.

Happy Holidays. Have you been a good property owner this year?

Make sure you keep your property safe, habitable and free from unreasonable risk of injury to your tenants, their guests and invitees during the holiday season and throughout 2019. Bornstein Law can help you start the New Year on the right footing.