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Mental Health Care Sector Law not being applied

PHILIPSBURG - In the supervision of mental health care in St. Maarten, the Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor (VSA), the Health Inspectorate and the Public Prosecution Office do not comply with the existing law. This...

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We hope you had an enjoyable weekend.

It has become exceedingly clear that protocols at the Mental Health Foundation are not being followed, much less being applied based on the relevant national ordinance. This is a dangerous situation as patient's lives are at stake.

Our review of the applicable ordinance on mental health care comes to one alarming conclusion: No one in the mental health care chain is even aware of this law. A law that has been on the books and applicable since 2013!

Basically, the Mental Health Law is completely being ignored on St. Maarten!

The most urgent conclusion of our review of the mental health care law is the following:

"It is now up to minister Richard Panneflek of VSA to issue an ultimatum to the management of the Mental Health Foundation. If the foundation does not properly comply with the regulations and conditions of the National Ordinance within a period to be determined by the Minister, the Minister is obliged by law to withdraw the license of the MHF and to close the institution."

Read the complete review article and our findings online here:

The Editorial Team

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Merx on the distinction between natural and unnatural death

PHILIPSBURG - The jury is still out on the cause of death of 43-year old psychiatric patient Caulette Julien. Dr. Kitty Pelswijk, the interim director of the Mental Health Foundation claims that Julien died of natural causes. Dr. Mercuur has a...

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Hibernators may be excluded from compulsory insurance

PHILIPSBURG - Many foreign condo owners and renters on St. Maarten have doubts about hibernating on the island this year. The cost of mandatory COVID-19 insurance can run up to several thousand dollars for a couple, while that extra coverage is...

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What's on the Menu Today?

Whatsapp us via +1-721-588-0800 to get the latest menus from our selection of daily chefs and caterers delivering delicious dishes of food to your door. Here is our pick for today: KREATIVE JUICES CATERING ▪︎*▪︎ Lunch for Delivery Monday, Oct. 19.

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Cursed Circles

By Hilbert Haar ~ Years ago, as I was sitting on my balcony in the Cretan sun, the mailman stopped by and asked if I had a banknote of twenty Deutsch Marks. It was quite an odd request as Greece was still using the Drachme as legal tender ....

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Central Bank announces new bond issue for St. Maarten

Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten announces a new bond issue on behalf of the government of the Country of Sint Maarten ~ Willemstad/Philipsburg - On Wednesday, October 21, 2020, there will be a bond issue on behalf of the country of Sint ...

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Cft objects to intended 75 million bond issue

PHILIPSBURG - Unless Finance Minister Ardwell Irion makes a U-turn, there will be a 75 million guilders bond issue for St. Maarten on October 21. It is an expensive attempt to get the country out of its financial quagmire, because the interest...

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Minister Irion contests Cft's take on article 16

PHILIPSBURG - Finance Minister Ardwell Irion disagrees with financial supervisor Cft about its opinion that, by floating a 75 million guilders bond with the Central Bank, St. Maarten violates article 16 of the consensus kingdom law financial...

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UP-leader Brison spins the 75 million bond issue story

PHILIPSBURG - United People's party leader MP Rolando Brison said in an interview with Curacao's TV Direct program Notisia 13 that Finance Minister Ardwell Irion is "one hundred percent correct" in his disagreement with financial supervisor Cft...

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An ugly dog fight

By Hilbert Haar ~ Finance Minister Ardwell Irion's plan to float a 75 million guilders bond issue has resulted in an ugly dog fight with financial supervisor Cft. United People's party leader Rolando Brison added his two cents by claiming that the...

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Agreements are made to be broken

Dear Editor, It would be helpful to publish an article on why St. Maarten needs loans for short-term expenses. Agreements were made with the Kingdom government that led the RFT and the CFT. These agreements were made to limit the powers of the ...

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BTP paid nothing to government since 2017

PHILIPSBURG - The report Retrospective - Ten years of the General Audit Chamber - revisits the state of affairs at the Bureau Telecommunication and Post (BTP), five years after it first took a closer look at this institution. The situation has...

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Pro Soualiga is grasping at straws with letter to CFT

PHILIPSBURG - After its defeat in the Court in First Instance on October 9, the Pro Soualiga Foundation sent a letter to the chairman of financial supervisor Cft asking that it ceases operations because the Cft "might be in violation of the...

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Minister Doran intends to bring life to Philipsburg

Plans to develop 114 quality residential units ~ PHILIPSBURG - The Honorable Egbert J. Doran, the Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment & Infrastructure, presented his vision to address the dire need for affordable housing, by ...

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United Democrats: Minister Doran out of touch with reality

PHILIPSBURG - "The unveiling of a multi-million dollar project by the current Minister of VROMI demostrates the depth of how out of touch with reality this coalition Government is." Thus states the United Democrats (UD) party in a press release...

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The limitations of our kingdom relationship

Dear Editor, In trying to understand the relative failure of the first decade of Country Sint Maarten, I keep getting directed to the strange lack of vision of many leading politicians regarding the relationship with the Netherlands. They find...

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Rebuttal to article about Pro Soualiga Foundation

Dear Editor, I recently read your article concerning a letter sent by Pro Soualiga to the Cft. In said article, there were some erroneous and misleading statements. 1) The Court's decision had nothing to do with the content of the letter...

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White Paper: Sint Maarten's First Decade as a Country

10.10.10 - 10.10.20 ~ Sint Maarten's First Decade as a Constituent State of the Kingdom of the Netherlands ~ A Turbulent Constitutional Odyssey by Julio R. Romney [Instructions: Use the viewer below to open and read this white paper on your device.]

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Back to school: Education (almost) returns to normal

PHILIPSBURG - Education is about to return, at least partially, to normal on Monday, October 19, it appears from two press releases issued by Minister of Education Drs. Rodolphe Samuel. "Some schools are in full compliance with school safety...

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4 new confirmed COVID-19 cases

PHILIPSBURG - As of October 18th, there were four (4) persons who tested positive for COVID-19; however there was a recovery of five (5) persons; bringing the total active cases to sixty-two (62). The total number of confirmed cases is now seven...

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Ministry of VROMI alerts public to Great Salt Pond pumping

GREAT BAY - The Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI), informs the general public that the Department of Infrastructure Management, will open up the pumps leading water into the Rolandus...

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NAGICO donates Hand Sanitizing and Temperature Check...

NAGICO donates Hand Sanitizing and Temperature Check stations to all Public Schools and school supplies for Public School students ~ PHILIPSBURG, SINT MAARTEN - In preparation for the reopening of Schools to in class instructions, NAGICO...

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Minister Doran: Electrical Inspection goes online

PHILIPSBURG - The Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment & Infrastructure (VROMI), the Honorable Egbert J. Doran, announces the official launch of the digital electrical inspection form online. The project was part of an...

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Central Bank issues warning about Pyramid Schemes

Willemstad/Philipsburg - The Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS) hereby warns the public about pyramid-like schemes. These schemes are currently promoted using the anxiety created by the economic stagnation and downturn caused by the...

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SMMC's Auxiliary Care Facility (ACF) officially in operation

Regular procedures to be scaled up again ~ CAY HILL - On Tuesday, October 13, 2020, SMMC's Outbreak Management Team (OMT) announced that SMMC's Auxiliary Care Facility (ACF), located at the basketball court at Raoul Illidge Sports Complex...

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Wet op toezicht geestelijke gezondheidszorg niet toegepast

PHILIPSBURG - Bij het toezicht op de geestelijke gezondheidszorg op St. Maarten houden de minister van Volksgezondheid, Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling en Arbeid (VSA), de Inspectie voor de Volksgezondheid en het Openbaar Ministerie zich niet aan...

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Overwinteraars uitgezonderd van verplichte verzekering?

PHILIPSBURG - Veel buitenlandse eigenaren en huurders van vakantievilla's en appartementen op St. Maarten twijfelen eraan of zij dit jaar op St. Maarten gaan overwinteren. De kosten van een verplichte Covid-verzekering kunnen voor een echtpaar...

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'Rijksministerraad over OHO kan anytime'

Rhuggenaath: Belangrijkste zal uitvoering zijn; daar moeten we nog in groeien Van een onzer verslaggeefsters Willemstad - Als het eenmaal zover is, kan staatssecretaris Raymond Knops van Koninkrijksrelaties 'anytime' een vergadering van de...

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'Restricties deviezen Aruba noodzakelijk'

Van onze correspondent Oranjestad - De door de Centrale Bank van Aruba (CBA) gehanteerde deviezenrestricties, inclusief de recent genomen maatregelen in de deviezensfeer, zijn enkel op ingezetenen van Aruba van toepassing en nodig om de florin...

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Online gaming-sector verbaasd

EM Group: Gijsbertha's 100 miljoen is utopie Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - Met verbazing heeft EM Group, dienstverlener aan online gaming-bedrijven op Curaçao, kennisgenomen van de uitlatingen van minister van Financiën Kenneth...

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Opinie: Control

Door Prof. dr. F.B.M. KunnemanHet is een modewoord in governanceland. Je vindt de term in alle moderne codes corporate governance. Bestuur en raad van commissarissen moeten te allen tijde 'in control' zijn. Dat is wel ironisch. Er is nog nooit zo ...

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Autonoom Curaçao: 'Waarom zo'n haast toen?"

WILLEMSTAD - "Ik begrijp niet waarom wij zo'n haast hadden om een autonoom land te worden want we waren er nog helemaal niet klaar voor. Het is bewezen dat we dit niet kunnen. De afgelopen tien jaar zijn we niet vooruit gegaan." Dat concludeert...

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KONINKRIJK OP EIEREN - Download uw eboek hier

REFLECTIES OP 10 JAAR 10-10-10 Het op 10 oktober 2010 tegelijkertijd opheffen van het land Nederlandse Antillen, het stichten van de nieuwe landen Curaçao en Sint Maarten en Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba tot bijzondere gemeenten van...

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Minister of Education provides further update on schools

PHILIPSBURG - The Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport would hereby like to provide the general public with a further update regarding schools' readiness to resume face-to-face instruction on upcoming Monday, October 19th, 2020. As of...

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Drums and car tires top sources for mosquito breeding

Inspections reveal drums and car tires top source for mosquito breeding sites. One in four households have mosquito larvae ~ GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) - Mosquito control is considered an essential health service, and the Collective...

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MINISTER Panneflek shares the importance of Handwashing...

PHILIPSBURG- Global Handwashing Day, recognized on October 15th, is dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives. This...

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CAL pilots take 57% pay cut to save jobs

Trinidad and Tobago Airline Pilots Association (TTALPA) and Caribbean Airlines have agreed that all pilots' salaries will be cut by 57 per cent - just over half - for the next three months, to support CAL's cost cutting measures amid the COVID-19 ...

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King holds conversations about medical care on St. Maarten

HARBOUR VIEW, PHILIPSBURG - His Majesty the King has spoken to personnel of organizations that provide medical care during the corona outbreak in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, via online video conversations on Wednesday, October 14, 2020....

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New coronavirus cases top 8141 in 24 hours, lockdown...

The number of newly notified coronavirus cases in the Netherlands hit 8,141 in the 24 hours to Saturday morning, according to figures from national health institute RIVM. The new figure could indicate the number of new infections is starting to...

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Dutch royals cancel Greek holiday after MPs condemn bad...

King Willem-Alexander, queen Maxima and their three daughters are returning from their Greek autumn holiday after a matter of hours following a torrent of criticism in parliament and on social media. 'We will end our holiday. We have seen the...

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Dutch expats campaign for dual nationality

Dutch expat organisation SNBN is renewing its campaign to win dual nationality rights for Dutch nationals who live abroad, and hopes to make the issue part of the general election campaign. Thousands of Dutch nationals who live abroad face...

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How are Dutch schools dealing with Covid?

International parents of children at schools and after-school care organisations have mixed experiences of how the Netherlands is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Some readers of are deeply worried and even considering leaving, ...

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