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August 2018
The Pee Wee Player Who Rescued a Lawyer in a Pickle
by Jay Reeves

In the law - as in baseball - if you're not careful you can find yourself in a pickle.
It's not a good place to be. Enemies try to force you into pickles. Friends and competent counsel help you get out of them.
And so, in an act of soul-cleansing I must confess to spending one summer not only encouraging others to get caught in pickles, but showing them how to do it.
by Mark Scruggs

At Lawyers Mutual, we are often asked whether we have a sample conflict of interest waiver the caller can use. Our reply is always "no," because a conflict of interest waiver is highly specific. It must be tailored to the circumstances of the conflict. We can, however, give some guidance on the type of information that should be included in a conflict of interest waiver to make it more likely to stand up to a challenge. 
Troy Crawford

  Fraudsters never rest.   After a light spring in which we saw a substantial reduction in the number of wire frauds and other real estate scams reported, this summer has been especially challenging as fraudsters continue to evolve their practices. In this three-part series, we will describe three recent scams showing the creativity of fraudsters.  

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Trial Prep for Paralegals
Whether you have worked as a paralegal for years or just starting out in the industry, this book is a great resource. Behind every great trial lawyer is a team of great staff which includes other attorneys, legal assistants and of course paralegals. 

  Keyboard Shortcuts: Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Word  

Suzanne Lever
NC State Bar

Samantha Cruff
Marketing Communications Coordinator
According to statistics found on donatelife.net: "115,000 men, women and children await lifesaving organ transplants. 82% of patients waiting are in need of kidney transplants. 683,000 transplants have taken place since 1988." One of those transplants took place in the spring of last year. Suzanne Lever, assistant ethics counsel for the North Carolina State Bar donated a kidney to Jeff Rexford, a medical sales executive from Dallas Texas. 

Word processing is one of the most common job duties in an office.
Whether its editing a letter, typing court documents, or using inter-office forms, many of us are typing constantly.
For most of us today, this means we are using Microsoft Word frequently.
Upcoming CLE Programs
The Mecklenburg Bar Association Presents Lawyer Coworking: Thriving within the Rules of Professional Conduct
When: September 21, 2018
Where: Hygge Third Ward 
            809 West Hill Street  
           Charlotte, NC 28208 
Coworking involves independently employed occupants sharing a common workplace. Often these are open concept spaces with the option to schedule private meetings in conference rooms.  
This program examines the ethical implications of lawyers practicing law in a such a workspace.
For more information and to register, click here.
Save the Date! Lawyers Mutual Consulting Services and The Law Practice Exchange Present Transferring Ownership of Your Law Firm to the Next Generation   

When: November 7, 2018  
Where: Great Wolf Lodge
     Concord ,NC     
This is a real-time, real case training using your structure, financials and information for analysis throughout. Be prepared to work and develop your succession plan for implementation at the event. At the end of the event, you will have a clear understanding of how LPE's succession process for lawyers can be used to implement your developed transition plan.    
More information and registration will be available soon.
Lawyers Mutual 2018-2019 CLE Series - The Accidental Lawyer: Terms of Engagement
Date          Location
Oct. 30      Asheville
Oct. 31      Greensboro
Nov. 8        Clemmons
Nov. 9        Concord 
Jan. 11        Raleigh AM 
Jan. 11       Raleigh PM 
Jan. 30       New Bern 
Jan. 31       Greenville
Feb. 1        Wrightsville Beach 
Click the location you want to attend for more information and to register.  
"You're a lawyer, right?"

This workshop is designed to help lawyers be more alert to the vulnerabilities they may face in various non-office settings, and to equip them with best practices for defining their roles up front, and setting clear boundaries with the person seeking advice. 
Post Office Box 1929      Cary, NC 27512