Put Into Practice 

October 2019
by Jay Reeves

Once upon a time, there was a lawyer who needed an elevator pitch.

This was so even though there was no elevator in the building where she worked, nor in the house where she lived with her spouse and two children. Nor was there one at the elementary school her kids attended, the gym she belonged to, or the park where she loved spending time.

by Patrick Brown

It seems that everywhere you look there are reports of individuals, businesses, and governments being hit by ransomware.

What is it?
Ransomware is a form of malicious software (malware) that denies access to your systems by locking your computer or mobile device or by encrypting your electronic files.  


With each new piece of technology comes new potential for data security breach. The dangers inherent in using a smartphone or tablet are quite different from those associated with a laptop. Even the convenience of wireless internet has more opportunities for attack than hard-wired systems.
For more information regarding creating a data security policy for your firm, click here.
LM Feature: Monisha Parker | Lawyers Mutual  
It's hard to imagine a more difficult or heart-rending conversation than having to break the news to your child that you have cancer.
Monisha Parker not only found a loving way to do that, but she turned her experience into a published book: " What's Going on With Mommy."
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Locked Down: Information Security for Lawyers
Over the past few years cyber crimes have increased at a rapid rate. Businesses and individuals alike have to be proactive when it comes to protecting themselves against cyber crimes.  
Have you heard the news?  
Lawyers Mutual moved into the building across the parking lot from our previous location.  Our new street address is 1001 Winstead Drive, Suite 285, Cary, NC 27513The mailing address/post office box remains the same. Please update your records accordingly.  Thank you.

Thank you to our insureds who are providing valuable feedback as we continue our Client Experience Survey.
Getting Down to Business about Sleep in the Legal Profession 

Nick Long  
Vice President of Underwriting

Laura Mahr
Conscious Legal Minds LLC
As title insurance attorneys, we are often asked for our opinions on "somewhat" defective notary acknowledgments. One of the most common scenarios occurs when a co-borrower is listed in the grantor clause, and clearly signed the instrument, but the signature on the deed of trust was not acknowledged by a notary.   
In the past four years of providing resilience coaching and stress reduction training for lawyers, judges, and law school students, one thing is abundantly clear to me: Our profession rates high on stress and low on quality sleep.   
Upcoming CLE Programs
Lawyers Mutual 2019-2020 Put Into Practice CLE Series 

Date and  Location
Tues., Oct. 29, 2019 - Clemmons
Wed., Oct. 30, 2019 - Asheville
Thu., Oct. 31, 2019 - Greensboro
Fri., Nov. 22, 2019 - Concord
Wed., Jan. 22, 2020 - Greenville
Thu., Jan. 23, 2020 - New Bern
Fri., Jan. 24, 2020 - Wrightsville Beach
Thu., Feb. 6, 2020 - Cary (morning or afternoon)

To register: Click the city for the date and location you would like to attend. For Cary attendees, please select either the morning or afternoon program.

Approved for North Carolina State Bar CLE credit:
1 hour Ethics/Professionalism credit
2 hours General credit (includes the required Technology hour)

Program Details
Professional Misconduct Allegations
This program will focus on u nderstanding the grievance process, the most common complaints, tips for responding, and how to avoid them altogether.
Cybersecurity Without Breaking the Bank
This program will provide an overview of legal and regulatory considerations in light of emerging technologies while spotlighting that any size law firm is susceptible.

This Case is Killing Me
Lawsuits can be stressful (and lawsuits against YOU can be even more stressful) - on clients, attorneys, carriers, and others. This panel will address the stresses of representing difficult clients and how to prevent those cases from evolving into a legal malpractice claim.
Lawyers Mutual Consulting & Services and The Law Practice Exchange present What's Your Law Firm Continuity Plan?  - The Secrets of Buying, Selling and Other Succession Strategies Available to Lawyers to Continue to Practice Without Fear (VIDEO REPLAYS) 

Date and location 
Fri., Nov. 22, 2019 - Hickory

To register: Click the city for the date and location you would like to attend.
What's Your Law Firm Continuity Plan? Join us to learn the Secrets of Buying, Selling and Other Succession Strategies Available to Lawyers to Continue to Practice Without Fear. Topics include opportunities and challenges in selling your practice, the keys to a successful transition, how to value a law practice and find a potential buyer, and more.
Lawyers Mutual Consulting & Services and the Law Practice Exchange present Transferring Ownership of Your Law Firm to the Next Generation  

November 11-12, 2019  
Crabtree Marriott
4500 Marriott Drive
Raleigh, NC 27612
Did you know you might be sitting on an asset that's worth more than you ever imagined? It's your law practice.
You've spent years building your practice to where it is now. You've invested time, effort and money in it. Don't let all that go to waste.
LM Title presents the 1st annual Concord Real Property CLE 

Friday, November 22, 2019
12:45 pm-3:30 pm

Includes lunch, 2 hours CLE*, and cocktail reception.

Jim 'N Nick's Community Barb-B-Q
7791 Gateway Lane NW
Concord, NC 28027

*1 hour ethics, 1 hour general credit. Pending approval from the NC state Bar.
Program Details
Estates and Title Opinions - Death is inevitable. A look at how title passes through the estate of a decedent, the three questions a title examiner should ask as they review an estate file in the Clerk's office, and some common issues we face in dealing with estates in the back title. 
Ethically Closing Real Estate Transactions - A review and discussion of new and common issues which arise in commercial and residential closings, including: dealing with conflicts in real estate practice - representation of both buyer and seller; safeguarding client files and funds; liability for title work and disclosure of material facts. New ethics opinions will be examined and tips provided to stay in compliance.

Lawyers Mutual Consulting & Services presents the annual North Carolina Managing Partners Summit 

March 17, 2020 
NC State Bar Building
217 East Edenton Street
Room 203
Raleigh, NC 27601

Lawyers Mutual Consulting & Services is proud to present the annual North Carolina Managing Partners Summit. The Summit is designed to provide business of law education and networking opportunities for North Carolina managing partners and firm leaders.
 Click here for more information and to register.