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It’s all about layers of Security!

It’s not enough to just have …

It’s not enough to just have an anti-poaching unit, or dogs. A mounted horseback patrol won’t cut it. Guns are complicated because rangers can only fire defensively, and if a poacher is shot in the back, there is trouble coming. Drones are very helpful, but a drone can’t be everywhere at the same time.


Dehorning rhinos takes away the tool their lives revolve around … whether to mate, to measure a competitor, to play with another baby, rhinos need their horns. 

And while dehorning is a deterrent and sometimes a necessity, it doesn’t protect the rhino either. Poachers often shoot at dehorned rhinos to make a statement. 

Rhinos Need their Horns …

They also poach dehorned rhinos to get to the thick part of the horn embedded in the skull.

With poaching at terrible levels, primarily in the Kwa Zulu Natal region, in the Kruger National Park, what is it going to take to keep rhinos safe? 

… Layers of security. 

The prevailing sense in South Africa now is — cameras! Cameras are the security element everyone is after. 

BRR Camera Projects

We have already funded 20 license plate recognition cameras in our game reserve in the Khalahari with thanks to Matt Grossman! We have funded three cameras in the Soutpansberg area, that protects four private rhino owner properties.

We have installed bush motion cameras from Wildlife Protection Solutions that work with 24/7 teaams in Denver. We have 20 in the Khalahari and another 10 going into Marataba in the Waterberg. We have four erected on a private farm

We are partnering with Conserve Earth to raise funds for license plate recognition cameras in the Waterberg.  

We’re just getting going!

are about to erect another 20 in the Khalahari. This is because the game reserve is being hit by poachers coming in through Botswana. 

We’re exploring more cameras for the property with Sampson and Delilah, the two most iconic rhinos living … this is necessitating new technology, which is currently being designed. 

But this isn’t all. Check out all our project updates, other than cameras! 


Baby Rhino Rescue has funded two military-grade drones for our game reserve in the Khalahari. The team is trained and the drones have been deployed. We are confident this will add to the cameras we have installed to make this massive area safe.


After a successful Mother’s Day campaign, we have funds for six LoRa collars.

We are augmenting this so that we donate nine collars for rhino mothers at Marataba.

Imagine: they will be walking much more safely, with their babies by their sides! 


With thanks to Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation we have funded milk for four orphans at the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary. 


It hasn’t been a completely straightforward time for him. He was badly affected by grass seeds getting into the wound in his nose.

Being in the wild was a little stressful initially and he suffered some anxiety. Because he was used to his food coming buffet stye, he had forgotten how to forage! He lost weight and it was a concern.

But things are looking up for our lovely rhino fellow. He now gets supplemental feed, which we have committed to. He is in a slightly smaller area and is putting on weight and looking good. He’s also friends with rhino shepard Joseph. 

We’ve bought Joseph a phone he’ll use to take videos. Hopefully we will be able to keep you all updated. 


September 21st in Johannesburg, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Conserve Earth: a non-profit doing excellent work.

Together we are dreaming up a Golf Day of note! South Africans: Brian Habana is playing. (Americans: if you don’t know, Habana is a rugby icon and superstar.)

Bucket List Survey — For the Trip of a Lifetime, into the Wild!

We are hatching a fantastic “bucket list” idea.

Have you been longing for an unforgettable experience? Are you tired of technology and social media? Are you keen to see where your BRR donations go?

Complete our questionnaire! We are planning a trip into the wild for our donors! We will visit “our” rhinos. And take you where few travelers go! 

Click HERE for the survey. It will take 30 seconds. 

We'd like your feedback! — Baby Rhino Rescue

We are also designing a tee shirt for World Rhino Day. Stay tuned for that. 

Thank you donors!

Truly, nothing is possible without you.

It’s not an easy time for rhinos.

But this climate warrior, this tender hearted, intelligent, ancient and extraordinary being warrants our focus. 

And our love. Thank you for seeing that. 

Stay with us! A lot is happening! 

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