Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches around the world and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
Laying the Foundation
As the Corona virus drags on, we are continuing to lay a strong foundation with our international partners.  Nate has been meeting virtually with our international staff and pastors, sharing the vision and setting the stage to see a new era of the mobilization of Christians around the world!  Just a few weeks ago, Nate and Jonathan met with 30 of our Costa Rican pastors to share the heart of PPM Global (see the pic on the top of this email)!  The response has been great as pastors are excited that we will help them to be able to go.

No longer will we be working exclusively with USA churches to go serve around the world.  With the foundations that have been laid, we are now able to offer mission trips to connect the global Church!  We see this as a way to be more strategic to expand our partnerships and literally see the local church united on a global level.  
We already have five churches from Costa Rica signed up to go, some to the other side of their own country, and others extending to Panama and Guatemala.  This is the future of international mission trips and we are so excited to see God use PPM in this new way!

Will you lift up PPM Global in your prayers as we continue to launch not only the ministry side of this, but also the fundraising side to allow everyone to have access to go global?  Thank you so much!

Quick Family Update
With a family of seven in the house, and being cautious, but not fearful of the world around us, we've been able to stay somewhat active and engaged in the midst of COVID-19.

Laura continues to work from home with 4KIDS.  Last week she and Reagan were able to go into the office (with masks on!) to help put together back to school backpacks for children in foster care.

Reagan and Abigail have been able to take part in two great virtual Christian camps, one of which was put on by multiple churches in south Florida who worked together to see a greater impact!

Malachi and Isaiah continue to stay busy fishing from the canal, riding their bikes, and more recently, playing with the neighborhood kids again. Oh, and also asking us a question every 5 minutes while we work. :) 

We have loved having Darrell home with us during this time too.  All of the kids adore him and want him involved in everything they are doing!

Next month we're letting the kids take over the newsletter, be on the look-out!
July Family Photos
It was great to have family come down from Orlando for the weekend!
Slip-N-Slide (and we might have moved it to go into the canal!
Laura and her Life Group Girls at Virtual Camp
Virtual Youth Group Camp showed up at our house for a friendly competition. Laura & Reagan won, of course. Reagan gets her competitive side from her mother!
We surprised the kids with Christmas in July!  We are trying to find creative ways to make fun memories during quarantine, who doesn't love another excuse to celebrate Christmas?
For the sake of the Gospel,
Nathan, Laura, Darrell , Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah