A Hand Up...
Not a Hand Out

Since 2004 Lazarus Caucus, a 501(c)3 has united community partners dedicated to alleviating the plight of the homeless in Baltimore and surrounding areas.  Support is directed to guests of the Westside Men's Homeless Shelter on the Campus of Spring Grove in Catonsville, Maryland.
 (EIN - 20-1414476 )

May 2017

"Do you know that nothing you do in this life will ever matter, unless it is about loving God and loving the people he has made?" 
Rob Fahey and the Pieces
On a Mission
Lazarus volunteers make a personal connection with each guest, helping to assess their needs and explore strategies that will guide them toward independence. Lazarus volunteers offer the men a sense of hope while blending practical assistance with concrete needs. 

With the completion of the new shelter on the campus of Spring Grove in July of 2015, Lazarus has resolved 3,998 actual request for clothing, transportation/bus tokens, identification and special medical requests.

Funding is made in part through donor support and grants.  The majority of the annual budget is raised through the Benefit Harvest Gala & Silent Auction, September 15, 2017.

On behalf of Lazarus Caucus and the guests of the West Side Shelter, we would like to express our deepest appreciation for your support. Your commitment to helping the under-served in our community is appreciated by those who help them and, most importantly, by the men whose lives will be touched and transformed.

Great News from the Resource Room

Recently a shelter guest needed work on his braces. The cost for the work was  $750.00 for adjustments or $500.00 for removal.  The guest decided to have the braces removed.  A Lazarus Caucus volunteer took the guest to the orthodontist. After explaining that the patient was homeless, and the role that Lazarus played in bringing him to her to receive treatment, as well as how Lazarus supports the needs of the guests at the shelter, the dentist waived her  fee entirely. 
Thank you Dr. Margaret G. Pitrone DDS PA.  We are deeply grateful for your help and support.

Upcoming Calendar Dates

May 21 -
Fish Head Cantina, Rob Fahey and the Pieces Fundraiser, 2:00PM-6:00PM
May 22 -
Meeting Salem Lutheran Church, 7:00PM
June 1 -
Birthday Bash, St. Alphonsus, hosting
June 26 -
Meeting Salem Lutheran Church, 7:00PM
July 9 -
Birthday Bash at the Shelter
July 24 -
Meeting Salem Lutheran Church, 7:00PM
August 3 -
Birthday Bash, Salem Lutheran, hosting
August 7 -
Auction Meeting, Salem Lutheran Church, 7:00PM
August 14 -
Auction Meeting, Salem Lutheran Church, 7:00PM
August 21 -
Auction Meeting, Salem Lutheran Church, 7:00PM
September 7 -
Birthday Bash, St. Charles of Brazil, hosting
September 11 -
Auction Meeting, Salem Lutheran Church, 7:00PM
September 15 -
Harvest Gala and Silent Auction, Rolling Road Golf Club
September 25 -
Meeting Salem Lutheran Church, 7:00PM
October 5 -
Birthday Bash, Christian Temple, hosting
October 23 -
Meeting Salem Lutheran Church, 7:00PM
November 2 -
Birthday Bash at the Shelter
November 27 -
Meeting Salem Lutheran Church, 7:00PM 
No Meeting in December - Merry Christmas!

Please consider hosting a Birthday Bash.
(Ages 18 and up only please.)
Meetings are open and we encourage you to attend.

Community Support

Gift of Giving Project

On the SECOND THURSDAY of the month a fantastic neighborhood in Catonsville is participating in a "Gift of Giving Project" to support Lazarus Caucus and Westside.  Food, paper goods, and clothing are collected/sorted and then taken to Westside. 
The picture shows only a portion of the items collected....
During the summer we are looking forward to having a "Luncheon for Lunches" gathering to assemble 120 bagged lunches.
It is said that..."It takes a village"..in this case, "it takes a neighborhood..." and, this is one way to make it happen!!! Go Maple Avenue!

Lunch Assembly

There are "School assemblies",and  the "General assembly", but no one has a better time and a more generous spirit than those who participate in assembling Lunches for Westside!  Schools, families, and work groups,  participate in this service project which provides 120 bagged lunches consisting of sandwiches, snacks, fruit, juice/water.  The 'assembly' is done under  sanitary, gloved, controlled conditions to ensure that the men receive lunches made with dignity and care.  An added bonus: most groups take the time to write special notes or draw pictures on the lunch bags... what better way to share a day!

Up, Up and Away..."....lots of beautiful balloons could be seen at the May Birthday Bash hosted by St. Mark Church at Westside celebrating 12 special birthdays! Ice cream, cupcakes, refreshments and snacks made it a party. Visiting, sharing,  talking with the gentlemen made it special. Wishing all a Happy, Blessed Birthday!

June Meal and Donation Calendar - Thank You!

Catonsville Presbyterian Church Hosts Carlotta Cerrito Exhibit 

Lazarus Caucus would like to thank Carlotta for her support of the needs of the homeless and the shelter guests.  We thank her for using her gifts and talents to the Glory of God in service to her fellow man.

"I believe we are here to love and to serve. Painting and giving ten per cent to a just cause is my way of loving and serving the community.
I love colors in a visceral way and painting gives me pure joy.
Sharing that joy is the least I can do.
I want to support the Lazarus organization, because I deeply care for the homeless people and I have seen what a wonderful job the organization has done to help them.As an immigrant I know the destabilizing feeling of not having a "home", I cannot even imaging how it must feel to physically miss one."
Carlotta Cerrito, Artist

Lazarus Caucus Recognized with 
Official Citation from The Maryland General Assembly
Lazarus Caucus has been awarded a Citation of Recognition from the Maryland General Assembly.  


Ways You Can Help!
Join the network of dedicated volunteers whose goal and purpose is to make a difference in the lives of the homeless and underserved. Your support counts!

Lazarus Caucus Officers:
Pat Krenzke, President - E-mail Ms. Krenzke
Jim Troy, Vice President, Resource Room Volunteer
Sue Medicus, Treasurer
Chuck Newton, Secretary
Board of Directors:
Luke Browning, Resource Room Volunteer
Sheri Comisac, Prayer Chain
Clara Croll, Clothing Closet
Clark Gaughan
Jay Ziegler
Leslie Kruger, Fahey Fundraiser Coordinator
Pam Isabel, Birthday Bash Coordinator
John Roth
Glenn Whitman, Resource Room Volunteer

Eileen Leaman, Food Coordinator, in consultation with Westside Kitchen Manager.
Executive Director


A Hand Up - Not A Hand Out