Ken Otsuka

Le Petit Musee
at The EMP

Sunday July 5
 3-5 PM

Sherry Steiner


Ken Otsuka

I have been painting fine art, mostly landscapes, for over 40 years.


For about 10 years during that period I also worked as an illustrator for paperback romance book covers.  An illustrator friend of mine suggested I try my hand at this other type of realism as well.


When I started my first illustration, looking at my piece, the art director at a publishing company asked, "Could you make her cleavage more attractive?"  I came from Japan and did not know the meaning of "cleavage," but soon learned as I became more familiar with the romance cover illustration industry.  We used human models (including Fabio in his early days!) to pose.  A professional photographer would take the photographs and the drawing would be produced from these.


Several years after working as both a fine art artist and as an illustrator, I found myself yearning to go back to fine art, to spend more time in fine art painting and less on illustration.


When I finally left the world of commercial illustration completely, I felt that I had  learned a great deal about new techniques and colors as so many bright colors were used for illustration, very different from the aesthetics of my fine art.


Today, almost all those book covers are produced through computers with digital techniques, and not original paintings.


So, all these paperback romance illustrations of mine shown here are like "antiques" !




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