LeBoHA Newsletter Update
November 2022

UN, WHO, Primary Health Care Award
LeBoHA was honored to receive the 2022 UN Interagency Task Force and the WHO Special Programme on Primary Health Care Award at the UN General Assembly on September 21st, 2022. This honor is in recognition of the achievement LeBoHA has made on strengthening Lesotho's health system, by providing context-specific primary healthcare training for healthcare providers at the community level. Read more here.
Reaccreditation Update
We are pleased to announce that LeBoHA has been reaccredited by the Council of Higher Education for 5 years (until June 2028) that will allow LeBoHA to grant the Master’s of Medicine in Family Medicine (MMed-FamMed) degree. Thank you to our hard-working team who made this incredible accomplishment happen!
Caps off to LeBoHA's FMSTP Graduates
On September 30th, 2022, LeBoHA's Family Medicine Speciality Training Program (FMSTP) celebrated the graduation of the four accomplished registrars. Pictured above (starting from the left): Dr. Mamakhala Chitja, Dr. Moseme Makhele, and Dr. Muila Kambulandu. Dr. Tilo Namane graduated in absentia.
With these new graduates, there will now be 10 FMSTP graduates and 13 registrars in Lesotho. The map below shows where these doctors are working. There are now graduates in 7 of the 10 districts of the Mountain Kingdom.
Congratulations to Another Impressive Graduate!
Ntate Lephallo, the valued LeBoHA driver, successfully completed a course in electrical installation from Lerotholi Polytechnic College. He is now enrolled in a course in plumbing, and is set to become the superintendent of the LeBoHA Post-Graduate Campus, which is currently under construction. Stay tuned for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, scheduled for May of next year.

LeBoHA Attends the South African Academy of Family Physicians Conference
Ten LeBoHA team members traveled to Cape Town for the South African Academy of Family Physicians Conference. Attendance included, starting from the left: Dr. Sekoere (registrar), Dr. Motjope (registrar), Dr. Mashale (registrar), Dr. Mojaje (Internship Coordinator), Dr. Moeko (registrar), Dr. Sanders (FMSTP faculty), Dr. Selebalo (registrar), Dr. Mochochoko (registrar), and Dr. Kambulandu (FMSTP graduate).

The theme of the conference, "Bouncing Back: Resilience in the Face of Change" was very fitting, and LeBoHA attendees left with a renewed inspiration to continue their important work. 
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