Dr. Mothobi de Sousa is a member of the diaspora practicing family medicine in the greater Brisbane area, Australia.

"The core of the healthcare system is family medicine; the better the family health, the better the nation, and prevention is always cheaper and better than treatment. The family doctor understands the patient's journey from birth to death and can assist in physical, psychological, and social well-being. Patients are involved in decision-making to solve their own health difficulties, and with continuity of care, the patient-doctor connection strengthens. If you want to know about a patient's history, ask the family doctor. With ongoing training and collaboration with other stakeholders, family doctors are always prepared to handle everything that comes through their doors, which might vary from a common cold to an ectopic pregnancy or domestic violence. Family doctors can have a good work-life balance since working arrangements are more flexible. Because most health requirements can be met by a family physician, investing in family health is the most valuable asset for all nations."