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November 11, 2020

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Sente and VI Product Sales
Cosmetic Filler Sale and Nov. Specials
Treatment Timelines
Combination Therapies
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B12 Injections
Glutathion Injections 
Hair Removal Head Quarters
Laser Hair Removal

Laser Treatments
Laser Vein Removal
Laser Collagen Stimulation
Pigmentation Removal

Fat Reduction
Skin Tightening   
Venus Freeze

Skin Resurfacing

PRP Hair
Hair Restoration

PRP Facial Restoration
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial Restoration 

Medical Microdermabrasion
Medical Chemical Peels  


Xeomin®   Radiesse®
Restylane Lift®
Restylane Silk®  
® Belotero®

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VI Peel 
VI Derm 
YG Labs 
  LeDerm Boutique  
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Pre de Provence
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Whether it's for the holidays or your online meetings, remember to take time to look your best.  Let LeDerm help you get there the easy way. 
Optimal treatment results often take time so we're including LeDerm's holiday Treatment Time Line below to help you make decisions and plan accordingly. We offer many treatments with no down time - I've asterisked them. In fact if you look to the left of this newsletter, you will see our list of services and under LeDerm 9-1-1 that have no downtime.  
The colder air of Fall and Winter means it's time to modify our skin care regimen. The dry heat we're exposed to inside and the cold air outside can severely reduce the moisture in our skin. What to do? First make sure you are professionally exfoliating on a regular basis through the season (October through April). Nothing will penetrate a thick layer of dead cells (your expensive products will just sit on top of the dead cells doing nothing to help rejuvenate your skin). Additionally and simply, just as we layer our clothes with the changing season we should also layer our skin care products. Adding Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin C Serums to your daily regimen is a good start. Let the experts at LeDerm teach you how to adjust your daily skin care needs for the changing season.  
 Consult LeDerm for our best  
recommendation for your cold weather skin care.  
Cosmetic Filler Special
See Below   
Valid November 13-21  
Treatments must be completed by 11/21 
As always, call me if you have any questions.  
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LeDerm operates under the license of a board certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Richard Peinert
Senté and VI Derm Product Sale 
25% off  in stock items only 

Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) one of the main ingredients of the Sente products, goes deeper than surface-level hydration to restore the natural renewal process of the skin. Clinically shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while visibly enhancing skin tone, HSA is a powerful anti-aging formula that remains gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Restore and renew your skin health  and confidence with a line of solutions that address anti-aging, hyperpigmentation and acne concerns.

LeDerm's Cosmetic Filler
Valid Nov. 13-21 
while appointments last
 Cosmetic Filler Special
All treatments must be completed by Nov. 21 
Valid Nov. 13-21 
while appointments last
Nasolabial Fold
(fold from nose to mouth corner)
Marionette Lines
(fold from mouth corner to jawline)
Jawline Redefinition
Tear Troughs  
(eye hollows)
$299 - $495 
Buy any combination of 2 or more treatment areas
Receive a gift bag of products
While they last!


See our 

Click November Specials

Cosmetic Filler Specials Valid Nov 13-21
All treatments must be completed by Nov. 21

Call 781-862-8100 
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Treatment Timelines

Now is the time to start planning for your holiday body and facial treatments. Treatments that require time for optimal results include:  Venus Viva, Venus Legacy, truSculpt 3D, Titan, Venus Freeze, Laser Genesis Series, PRP, IPL, Cosmetic Filler, Neurotoxin, Peels and any combination therapy correction you want to make.

Here is a time line of treatments to assist you in your planning: 

* Treatments with *
No Down Time

Face, Neck, Decollete, Scars
1-4 weeks to see results, 1 day of down time. 3-4 treatments for optimal results

Cellulite reduction
8 weeks to begin to see results 3 months for optimal results

Permanent Fat Reduction
6 weeks to begin to see results 12 weeks for optimal results
Almost Immediate Results
2 weeks for any swelling or minor bruising to resolve
2 weeks for optimal results

Botox / Dysport / Xeomin *
Almost Immediate
2 - 3 days - First results visible
10-15 days - Full results  

One month to see full results
Face and Neck Treatment Series 5-8 weeks for optimal results
Body Contouring Treatment Series 8- 12 weeks for optimal results  
See Combo Therapy Below  
Laser Genesis - Collagen Stimulation *
2 months to see beginning results and 3 months for optimal results
See Combo Therapy Below
3 weeks optimal Results 1-2 weeks down time

Vein, Skin Tags, and Cherry Hemangioma Removal 
Immediate to 1 week for face results 
1-6 weeks for  optimal body results
Dermaplaning and facial enzyme or peel *

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

3-4 days down time and 4 weeks for optimal results
3 treatments recommended
Facials and Enzyme Treatment   *
0 -2 days. Depends on the level of facial enzyme  treatment

Facial Peel Treatment
2 days - 2 weeks for optimal results. Depends on the level of facial peel treatment

* No Down Time
If you are thinking about combined treatments you will need to take the combo timing into consideration. Please call for a phone consultation or an appointment to discuss your combination treatment questions.


Combination Therapy

Standard Treatments - No Expiration
Unless on a Special    
Venus Freeze and Titan 
Immediate with more improvement in 30 days
My go to treatment Face & Neck ! 
Same Day Results with  
Improvement through the Month 

Immediate and Dramatic Results 

Microdermabrasion, Enzyme and Laser Collagen Stimulation.

LeDerm's Signature Treatment
Known as the Red Carpet Treatment
Treat in the morning - Oscars at Night 
There are other combination therapies, I've listed a few below.  Call LeDerm to consult:
VI Peel and Viva
truSculpt and Legacy
PRP and Viva

* No Down Time
If you are thinking about combined treatments you will need to take the combo timing into consideration. Please call for a phone consultation or an appointment to discuss your combination treatment questions.