Surge Institute Quarterly Newsletter
Summer 2017

School may be out for the kids but the learning continues for the Surge community! I learned just how far we have come in changing the face of education leadership when I looked out upon a packed room full of black and brown leaders at #LeadTheSurge 6.6.17

And that’s just the beginning!

More and more prospective Surge Fellows are learning what it means to be a part of our community as they submit applications for the 2018 Surge Fellowship. The Surge staff is learning what scaling looks like as we cultivate the seeds for our movement to grow. And speaking of movements, watch the video of my talk at the ASU GSV Summit in Salt Lake City to learn the connection between love and building movements.

See what I mean? The learning never stops. So please enjoy absorbing all the latest Surge news in this newly redesigned edition of our quarterly newsletter. More and more, this movement—my family—inspires me, and I hope it does the same for you. 

In community,
Carmita Semaan, Founder and President
News & Announcements
Get to Know Andrea Black
Andrea is the principal of an elementary school on Chicago's South Side. Andrea is also a Surge Fellow. Through her work in the fellowship, Andrea is bringing a culture of confidence to Schmid Elementary.
#LeadTheSurge Inspires!
The 2017 #LeadTheSurge reception brought together leaders of the Chicago education community with one powerful message—prioritize the need for diverse education leadership.  
Surge Fellowship: Is it for you?
We are accepting applications for the 2018 Surge Fellowship, our signature year-long program for educating, elevating and empowering emerging leaders of color in Chicago. Interested in applying?
Partnering with Surge
There are many ways to join this movement. One is to partner with Surge. OneGoal Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Nelson provides thoughtful insights into what partnering with Surge looks like. 
Good Reads
Nina Sanchez gives a unique and authentic perspective on the weight and responsibility of being a Surge Fellow. 
Fellow & Alumni Recognition
Surge Fellows and Alumni are achieving goals, serving their communities and impacting the future of education. 

2017 Fellow Ashley Richardson has accepted the position of Executive Director at Spark Chicago, an organization that inspires seventh, eighth and ninth graders in under-served communities to succeed in high school and beyond by engaging them with mentors and future careers. 2016 Fellow Elisa Botello has become an Advisory Board Member for Schools That Can Chicago, an organization striving to unite leaders to expand quality urban education and close the opportunity and skills gap.
We are the preeminent pipeline addressing the dearth of leadership of color at the decision-making tables within education reform. Surge educates, empowers and energizes educational leaders of color who will create transformative change in the communities they serve.