The Journey Has Started
Time to Create Momentum
"Success is like a have to get it moving and the more you roll it in the right direction, the greater it gets." - Steve Ferrante

You have set your goal(s) for 2021, identified “the why,” created your weekly mini-goals (action plan,) and have a few weeks of executing your action plan under your belt. Taking the first step can be the hardest part of any journey; however, in goal setting and goal achievement, the first step tends to come more naturally to people. The excitement and anticipation of a new year creates a heightened level of inspiration to develop or transform - providing a jump start or boost in motivation to start your goal achievement journey. Once the journey begins, your actions will determine your ability to actually achieve the goal that you set out to achieve!
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Goal setting is only step one in the process of personal or professional growth. In our last newsletter, we shared resources to help you take that first step. The focus this month is on "finishing the drill". To provide a more personal touch, Sara Stirling will join Dan Jaskot on the LWE podcast as part of a goal achievement mini-series. This article highlights the beginning phase of Sara's journey!
Goals have been set, now what? Setting goals is not an exact science; sometimes, our goals are just right (SChMART), and sometimes we realize, after beginning our goal achievement journey, that our goals are either too easy or too difficult to achieve. This article provides tips and pointers to help youths and young adults reset the expectations when their goals are either too difficult or easy!
Participation in competitive sports helps athletes develop skills that are useful, and even essential, to success in school, at home, and in life. What if I told you that student-athletes can also leverage "out of sport" opportunities to help them develop skills applicable to success in sport? This article provides athletes with strategies to take advantage of development opportunities "in the classroom".
Season III of the Lead with Empower Podcast
One year ago, podcasting was not a project that was on the top of our minds at Empower Leadership. However, adapting to the circumstances of the pandemic required unique solutions to continue our mission of empowerment: inspiring the start of the Lead with Empower Podcast. Seasons I and II featured 39 episodes with leaders in education, sport, business, and community, and we are very excited to kick-off the 2021 podcast season with a wonderful episode with Sara Stirling - the VP of Marketing Operations for Empower Adventures and Empower Leadership.

Our first episode of 2021, a collaboration between Sara Stirling and Empower Leadership President, Dan Jaskot, is the first in a 3-part series focused on goal setting and goal achievement in 2021. Throughout the series, we will hear about Sara's personal goal achievement journey with hopes of inspiring our listeners to take their first step and build an unstoppable force of momentum towards achievement!

Episode I, Season III: Sara Stirling - VP of Marketing Operations Empower Adventures and Empower Leadership
"It was just something in my gut that I knew I had to do for my future and for myself - just to be the best version of me!"

"All you need is a spark."
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