It's been a year...
What has changed?
Take a second to think back to March 3rd, 2020, and then reflect on the many changes experienced in your life over the past year. I am sure your mind and heart are filled with many thoughts, feelings, or emotions, much like the past 12 months have been full of uncertainty, ambiguity, and concern. 

Many facets of our lives felt as if they were out of our control - uncertainty around going back to school or work, gathering with friends and family, or even being able to shop for basic necessities. This edition of the Lead with Empower newsletter is designed to serve as a reminder of how important it is to redirect our focus towards "the controllables", the basic actions we can take ownership of, even during uncertain times. 

The first two months of 2021 have flown by - it is now time to quiet the storm of uncertainty by intensifying our focus on "the controllables"!

Get a G.R.I.P. on the basics! Download our FREE G.R.I.P. (Goals, Roles, Interactions, and Processes) Worksheet to help guide the way in March.
“I have the best job in the building. I have the opportunity to walk into our school, support young people by recognizing their gifts, creating programs to develop our scholars’ passions, and creatively problem solving the world of high school education."
Personal goals, unlike goals that are set for us at work, do not have negative repercussions when they aren’t met. You may experience disappointment, but your essential needs will still be met. This article reinforces the importance of Self Leadership while highlighting how keeping the “why” in the forefront and introducing new layers of challenge will help us continue to BE our best at reaching our goals.
We have shared multiple resources focused on goal setting and goal achievement in 2021. Today, we collaborate with two wonderful team members from Connecticut River Academy at Goodwin University (CTRA) – Wendy Gavin and Kiley Testa to gain their insight! Kiley and Wendy share tips to help students overcome barriers to success and stay on track towards their goal achievement!
Passion + Repetitions = Improvement
There is a ton of value in completing worksheets focused on goal setting and goal achievement; however, that is only part of the equation. Completion of these exercises will provide a tangible framework or strategy for achievement; however, without passion and commitment, our progress and development will be limited to just words on paper!
Season III of the Lead with Empower Podcast
Episode 5: Sara Stirling - VP of Marketing Operations for Empower Adventures and Empower Leadership
Sara Stirling is back for part 2 of a 3-part "podcast mini-series" focused on Goal Setting and Goal Achievement in 2021. Sara shares her personal goal for 2021 (Create 10 new art pieces per month), her plan for achievement, and an update as to how things are going five weeks into her goal achievement journey!

Episode 4: Ulish Booker - CEO of Spartan Global Network and Former Professional Athlete
"At the end of the day, you stop running as fast, jumping as high, and hitting as hard - Father Time is undefeated. You have to have something to rely on and for me, education is that formal process that helped me complete tasks. You will need the education to reimagine and re-develop who you are"

Episode 3: Alex Blaise, Jess Stanley, Nick Perkins, Lisa Daly, and Chase du Pont - Hamden Hall Country Day School
"I thought that having an experience where you get to be in a real-world leadership situation would be very useful and practical going forward."

Episode 2: Ken Martin - Co-Owner of Colony Grill Development, LLC and Adjunct Professor of Hospitality at the University of New Haven
"Business is about how you make people feel. Either close people off and be a gatekeeper or open your arms and be an advocate."

"The only safe ship in a storm is leadership." - Faye Wattleton

We all have someone that has changed our lives with their leadership. Whether it's in the office or classroom, on the field, or in our overall pursuit of happiness, these people leave a lasting positive impact on us.

At Empower Leadership, we believe in recognizing those that help elevate our lives with their ability to lead and we want to hear from you! Each month, we will be featuring leaders that YOU have nominated! Featured leaders will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire (it's only five questions!) and provide information about the organization and people they support.

Help the Empower Leadership Team spread the word about the tremendous leaders in your communities and join us on our mission to lead, inspire, and empower 1 million leaders!!!