You started strong, now keep up the momentum!
“Many will start fast, few will finish strong.” Gary R. Blair
The first third of 2021 is in the books and, if you have been following along with our Lead with Empower Newsletters in 2021, you have put in an extraordinary amount of work to set and achieve goals, while reflecting on both the challenges faced and the "silver linings" discovered since March of 2020. The month of May marks an interesting time of year - summer is right around the corner, school years are approaching their ends, athletic teams are in the throws of their spring seasons, and many businesses are on the home stretch of the 2020 fiscal year. How will you and/or your team, avoid the uninspiring "coast to the finish line"?

This issue of the Lead with Empower Newsletter is designed to help you "finish the drill"! Below you will find blog articles and podcasts that will bring forth the tools and inspiration you need to finish strong, create an unstoppable force of momentum, and achieve the exceptional!
Many companies continue to work remotely despite the recent "relaxation" of coronavirus guidelines. The purpose of this article is NOT to debate whether companies should go back to “business as usual”, but to share some easily implemented online team building activities for those that will continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future.
The last two months of school offer an exciting opportunity for you to finish on a high note. The home stretch of a school year comes with a choice – put it in cruise control and coast across the finish line, or keep grinding and build an unstoppable force of momentum that will carry you through the summer to the start of the next school year!
Don’t let the combination of the school year ending, nice weather, and dreams of summer fun, prevent you from maximizing your athletic successes! This article is not designed to tell you what type of workouts you should be doing, but to share some tips that will help you continue to build momentum towards becoming the best version of you as an athlete.
Season III of the Lead with Empower Podcast
Episode 15: Mayor Eric Seidel, City of Oldsmar, FL Mayor
“People are only motivated out of two areas – either desire or fear. The problem with motivating people out of fear is that the moment you leave the room, so does the motivation. If you motivate people out of desire, they will go to town.”

Episode 14: Joe Borelli, Dean of School Culture at the Hamden Charter School of Science
“The only place you see success before work is in the dictionary.”
Episode 13: Carl Johnson, Principal of Plainville High School
“Try to look for positive disruptions.”

Episode 12: The Youth-to-Youth Coalition from Rocky Hill Youth & Family Services Bureau
“It is really nice to do something that makes someone else smile because that always makes me smile!”

Episode 11: Farrand Violette, Teacher, Special Education Case Manager, and Assistant Football Coach
“Take every day as a blessing, just embrace the opportunity to impact people’s lives and be transformative.”
Did you know?

Empower Leadership started out as an adventure center back in 2009, the first aerial adventure park of its kind in Connecticut. In addition to Empower Leadership's services, the Empower Adventure Operations also features three exciting and uplifting aerial adventure parks - Empower Adventures Middleburg (VA), Empower Adventures Tampa Bay (FL), and the Empower Adventure Park at Nomads (CT). Interested in rediscovering your sense of adventure, visit one of the Empower Adventures parks for adventure fun, exceptional accomplishments, and lifelong memories!!!
"To the world, you may be just a teacher, but
to your students, you are a hero!"

A big part of effective leadership is recognizing when people around you do the exceptional. Congratulations are in order for our great friends from Connecticut River Academy, who have received the award for the 2020 Secondary Merit Magnet School of Excellence, Number ONE School of Excellence, from Magnet Schools of America.