Effective Leadership of Others
Key Word: Effective
What does it take to effectively lead others at work, in school, on the field, at home, or in your community? The ability to motivate and inspire those around you to overcome obstacles and achieve shared goals determines the effectiveness of a leader and often dictates the successes achieved at work, in the classroom, and on the field!

Leading others can be perceived as a daunting task to young professionals, students, new teachers or coaches, and athletes; however, effectively doing so is not the solely the responsibility of seasoned and experienced leaders. We all have the capability to lead and our ability to do so is determined by how consistently we demonstrate actions that contribute to our own development, the development of those around us, and to our communities.
Did you know? Our experiential team building and leadership development workshops can take place virtually!
Trust & Leadership: you can't have one without the other. We will review intentional trust development practices and share a worksheet exercise to implement with you and your team members.
How do youths, teens, and young adults learn to lead? One action at a time. We share a leadership activity that will help students identify the small daily actions that lead to exceptional results!
As a coach, how do you create a team culture of accountability? With this Team Accountability Exercise, we'll share some best practices and a clear road to success for implementation.
EPISODE 8: Hildie Hick – Athletic Director at Lyme/Old Lyme Schools
“Be flexible - learn how to adapt, adjust, and overcome!”

EPISODE 7: Steve Opalenik – LMHC & Founder of The Promethean Project
“Motivation is not fairy dust; you don't just sprinkle it on you and then you're good to go. Motivation comes from making a decision and committing to that decision.”

EPISODE 6: Jim Hofher – Defensive Analyst for Wake Forest University Football
“First figure out the who, then figure out what. To find the guys that will succeed in your program, look at their character, trustworthiness, and work ethic. Find the guys that you want to be around every day and who want to be around you and your program every day!”
"Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country, and this world."
Effective leadership is about influence - exercise your right to vote.

The election is TOMORROW! It is important to remember that your vote is your voice. Regardless of your political affiliation, which candidates you support, and your stance on the various issues - voting is a fundamental right in our democracy.

Voting is a right that many groups fought hard for ALL of us to have. With at least three amendments in the US Constitution and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that provide the right to vote for several groups, including women and minorities, different groups of people have fought for decades upon decades to secure the right to vote for their generation and future generations.

Get out there and exercise your right! For more information on how to vote, you can check out USA.gov, Vote.org, or your local voting resource pages.