Steps in the Right Direction?
The first quarter of 2022 is almost “in the books” and now is the perfect time for an accountability check regarding the goals we set for ourselves back in late 2021/early 2022. Where do you currently stand? Have you taken significant steps towards achieving your goals? Have you experienced challenges to find any progress? Or, have you already forgotten about your goals? 

Regardless of where you stand after 3 months, there is good news on the horizon - getting back on track and building positive momentum is just a step or two away! The 2022 Q1 Edition of the Lead with Empower e-Newsletter shares a simple, yet effective tool, along with some empowering inspiration, to help you and your team along your journey towards achieving your very best in 2022.
Struggling with the transition back to in-person work/school?
Team Building Can Help!
If we don’t evaluate, we can’t adjust. If we don’t adjust, we won’t improve, and if we aren’t improving, we are falling beyond. Learn an effective tool to improve and achieve!
Learn a quick “low-prop” activity that will add some laughter to your day while setting up great conversations about effective communication within your group or team!
What is the secret to success? It is not much of a secret when you and your teammates have a G.R.I.P. on your winning process! Dominate the process for an optimal product!
Season 4 Continues!
Episode 5: Heather Stone - Head Coach of the Western Connecticut State University Softball Program
“Leadership is about accountability first. The hardest thing is learning how to be a good teammate, especially when you’re sitting on the bench for the first time. You’re part of something bigger than yourself and, if you want to be part of it, you have to realize that.”

Episode 6: Senior Master Sergeant Jenny Gonzalez-Smith - 103rd Airlift Wing Human Resources Advisor
“Leave it better than you found it and freaking take care of your freaking people!”

Episode 7: Tracy Tighe Johnston - Founder and Executive Director of Tighed Together
“Stay strong, keep showing up, and when you need it, lean into those who love you.”