The Why: One Million Leaders
Over a decade ago, Empower founder, Joe DeRing and Empower Leadership Sports & Adventure Center General Manager, Dan Jaskot dreamed about inspiring one million people to lead through participation in adventure experiences. Whether it was bringing family and friend groups together through uplifting zip lining adventures or helping individuals develop valuable leadership skills through engaging team building experiences - Empower was in the business of creating leaders in exciting and memorable ways!

Over the last several months, we have expanded our leadership and team development services, both at our adventure parks (in CT, VA, and FL) as well as through the development of digital resources and experiences. 
The Lead with Empower Newsletter is our newest vehicle to continue our mission of inspiring and motivating 1 million individuals to become leaders. 
Each month we will deliver valuable resources directly to your inbox - including experiential leadership activity guides, blogs and podcasts, and highlights from recent group events - all with the goal of helping you discover your inspiration to lead!

The best way to learn and to lead is through experience. The Lead With Empower Blog is here to help with insights and best practices for educators, coaches, professionals and aspiring leaders.
Back to school season is always a challenging time for educators, students, and families - especially during unprecedented times like those we are currently living through. Rediscover your “why” and identify new wellness priorities to make the most out of the 2020/2021 school year!
Is swirling uncertainty and chaos in sport leading to more challenges than normal as you prepare for the upcoming season? Help your athletes refocus on the little actions that are in their control and experience, eliminate distractions, and experience big results in 2020!
With increased levels of working from home and dramatic changes to how we spend our free time, the ways we hold ourselves accountable have changed dramatically. But what happens when you take a step back and re-evaluate your progress and accountability honestly?
Season 2 is HERE!
Lead With Empower Podcast
Dr. Ted France - Professor and Co-Chair of the Physical Education and Health Education department at Springfield College kicks off Season II of the Lead with Empower Podcast. Ted and Empower Leadership President, Dan Jaskot, discuss the dynamic of returning to the college campus, the importance of experiential education, and much more during the episode! Ted has a winning track record of leading students and organizations on campus and brings a perfect blend of entertainment and education in this first episode.
We all need a little support sometimes. We need our own cheerleaders and other times, someone else might need our encouragement. One of our favorite exercises to do with groups is the Entourage challenge - where everyone wins by supporting each other and celebrating successes together.
Challenge is inevitable; however if we stick together with our entourage, we will get through anything in our path to achievement!