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Course Benefits

Learn Practical Tips Discover strategies and techniques to guide your group toward unified, well-informed decisions.

Boost Team Productivity Learn how consensus-driven decisions lead to motivated teams, higher job satisfaction, and long lasting results.

Transform Conflict into Collaboration Turn disagreements into opportunities for growth, innovation, and stronger relationships.

Enhance Your Leadership Gain a reputation as a leader who fosters unity, inclusivity, and continuous progress.

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Here's a video I made for you about the course.

Free Training:

What is your Group's Culture?

And how to change it.

Know someone who's been struggling with their group culture?

Pass this along!

Every group, every organization, has a culture. But what does THAT mean? What IS a group's culture? What is "corporate culture?"

In this session, I'm going to explore how group leaders establish and maintain a desired culture. Or not. And also, how culture gets changed.

One thing's for sure, group culture is VERY powerful. If it's on your side, great. If it's against what you are trying to achieve, good luck.

My Training Talk Shows are always free. Always interactive. Just 50 minutes online.

WEDNESDAY, November 29, 2023, 1pm Maine TimeHRegister Here

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