‘Positive Stress’ Can Help You Be Happier and More Productive at Work, According to New Research—How to Harness It

By Morgan Smith, CNBC

"While too much stress can cause serious health issues like heart disease and diabetes, a moderate amount of the right kind of stress can actually help you be happier and more productive at work, according to new research."

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Trusted Leaders Build High-Trust Cultures

By Jim Clemmer, The Clemmer Group

"A leader’s track record and reputation are the underlying “gold standard” of their trust currency. Positive actions increase their trust account balance. Negative actions decrease trust and quickly runs a leader’s trust account into red ink."

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The Most Common Myths About Purpose

By Gregg Vanourek

"Many people struggle with knowing their purpose. It can be confusing, unclear, and intimidating. Here we bust the most common myths about purpose."

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A Leadership Balancing Act

By Wally Bock, Three Star Leadership

"Welcome to the world of leadership. It can be the most rewarding work in the world, but it won’t be easy. You must meet the twin challenges of accomplishing the mission and caring for your teammates. You must do three kinds of work. And you must remain resilient and adaptive to deal with all the human issues that will come your way."

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In a Data-Led World, Intuition Still Matters

By Daniel Akst, strategy+business

"For as long as there have been decisions, people have used facts (lately known as data) to make them, along with reason and intuition. Nowadays, though, data often seems to be making decisions for us. Just as ‘analytics’ has changed the face of sports, business data prompts computers to order products, cut prices, or take other actions that once required human thought and intervention.

But data needs people just as much as people need data."

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3 Powers of Proative Worry

By Leadership Freak

"Chronic worry triggers ‘stress hormones’ that elevate your heart and breathing, raise your blood sugar, and send more blood to your arms and legs. You can develop hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Proactive worry motivates action not rumination."

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5 Characteristics of an Open-Minded Leader

By Christina Lattimer, The People Development Magazine

"...the characteristics of an open-minded leader are also the road to leading from your higher self and so are worthy signposts on the journey.


Here’s what I think they are:"

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The Connection Between Physical Fitness & Leadership

By Kari Gearhart & Ashley Tappan, SmartBrief

"Exercising and clearing your mind of stress allows you to tap into your creative side — sparking new ideas and innovative business strategies."

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Return on Attention: 1x 10x 100x (On Leverage)

By Ed Batista, Executive Coaching

"This isn't about productivity. That framing often yields a focus on "doing more things," or "doing things more efficiently." The efficient use of our time and attention is important, but doing the wrong things more efficiently is an easy way to expend a lot of energy going nowhere. We should never confuse motion with progress."

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A New Way To Think About Your KPIs

By Rich Berens, Root

"Leadership and their teams spend months to even years gathering and analyzing KPIs to make business decisions and chart potential growth.

Oftentimes, KPIs don’t travel well into an organization, and leaders spend too much time reviewing the numbers rather than bringing clarity, meaning, or inspiration to them and what they represent."

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