The Office of House Democratic Leader Robert Reives


March 29, 2023

Statement from NC House Democratic Leader Robert Reives

Gun violence is at an all-time high in our country. We see it daily in every place in our communities, including churches and schools. Just two days ago, three nine-year olds were killed in their school, joining an ever-growing list of children who will never return home to their families.

The response of the Republican leadership of the North Carolina General Assembly? Create a loophole to allow guns on private school property. Make it quicker and easier for mentally ill people to get firearms. Refuse to close a loophole to keep guns out of the hands of convicted domestic abusers. Eliminate local sheriff criminal background checks for pistol permits.

House and Senate members who voted to override Governor Cooper's veto made North Carolina less safe from gun violence moving forward.

The true defenders of public safety are the House and Senate Democrats who made sure they were on the floor to vote to keep our neighborhoods safe. This includes one House Democrat who, suffering from multiple bone fractures, postponed necessary surgery to travel to Raleigh just for this vote. And another who came to vote despite his mother passing away this week.

Elections have consequences. If voters want a different direction on gun safety, the 2024 primary and general elections are their only avenue for change.



House Democratic Leader Robert Reives

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