Leaders Update
FROM:   Bonnie Cox, President
               Hilary Denk, Vice President, Issues
               Janet Craft & Margaret O'Hara, Health Care Issue Specialists

There are rumors that the United States Senate wants to pass Repeal and Replace of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) this summer. While it is questionable they will have votes, it is important to begin advocating: LWVUS lwv.org has an action alert on the website. This along with letters to the editor are important responses.

In Illinois, our coalition, Protect Our Care IL, wants to be prepared. One of their action plans is for member organizations to reach out to their communities and find people willing to commit to following up with their legislators, making sure they reject repeal without adequate replacement. This is especially important in those districts where the U.S. Representative voted for the American Health Care Act in May. The plan is to have people sign these commitment cards after which, the coalition can contact them when action is needed. The league can also recruit them, if they are not already members. I have attached a copy of these cards that you can print, or obtain hard copies from POCIL, for you to use in your canvassing efforts. Also included is a link for you to download the information to POCIL.


HealthCARE COMMIT CARD CANVASS (Recruitment building our movement for the Senate and possible return to a second house vote.) GOAL (Each week One Canvass event).
  • Each grassroots org host one Commit Card high traffic canvas, event canvass to identify new healthcare constituents in your district. Help grow your local or and Protect Our Care. Input the data into our Commit Card Input Link: Protect Our Care Commit Card Data Input
    • Ideas for Canvassing: Rallies, Protests, Meetings, Forums, Festivals, Farmers Markets, Metro Stations, Bus Transfer stops, county fairs, social justice events.
RECRUITMENT: (A proven strategy that works) Temporary cards are attached - updated tear cards coming soon!
Use COMMIT CARDS: A great tool to grow our healthcare movement and Identify new residents in your area to recruit for calls and upcoming actions. Great way to find and identify news ACA HEALTHCARE STORIES while talking with people at events and festivals. Best Practice: Canvassing with these commit cards also great way to help drive new people to call utilize our hotline: 866-877-3303. 

Please follow the Commit Card Instructions HERE and use the data input link above to upload information to protect our care. Let's grow our movement Illinois!
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