Leaders Update
Illinois Voter Guide (IVG)

Illinois Voter Guide Toolkit and Dropbox
Our wonderful interns have been busy putting together materials to help your Leagues promote our voter guide for the November elections. T he Dropbox folder is the place we will be storing press releases, Logos and QR codes, promotional pieces and website templates to help streamline the message from the League and save you time "recreating the wheel" creating your own when you could be out registering more voters!

Two weeks ago, we introduced the League Leaders google group to  IllinoisVoterGuide.org, our website empowering voters to research their personalize ballot. The site is live and currently users can sign up for email reminders for the upcoming election. 

We encourage all local Leagues to utilize and advertise IVG for the upcoming election.
To assist local Leagues, we also introduced our Illinois Voter Guide Toolkit, which we will update regularly with materials for promotion and education. We are pleased to announce new materials have been added. The Toolkit, which may accessed HERE, now includes: 
  • IVG Logo (.png format)
  • Voter Service website guidance (updated)
  • Illinois Voter Guide Toolkit Reference
  • Palm card (business card) templates - suitable for Staples printing 
  • QR codes for Illinois Voter Guide and IL Board of Election Registration page 
  • sample press release introducing IVG
The next update will include additional social media templates and graphics. 
Data Collection
More than ever, nonprofits are looking to engage member and funders to join and invest in their organization. To differentiate LWV from the competition, we need data to tell our collective story  - but first you have to collect the data!

Convention speaker Carrie Davis, Democracy Program Director for the Joyce Foundation, asked "What do people ask about the League?" Do you have the data to tell your impact, what you've learned, your diversity?

LWVIL and LWVUS are providing you tools to assist your local League's data collection and asking you to help us with LWV's collective storytelling, starting with this years midterm election. Learn more about the importance of data collection and what are next steps to take.

Voter Service

Automatic Voter Registration (AVR)
Effective July 2, 2018, Illinois now has implementation of the opt-in portion of the Automatic Voter Registration(AVR) law passed unanimously by the Illinois General Assembly in 2017 and signed into law by Governor Rauner in August 2017. READ MORE

National Voter Registration Day
Don't forget to sign up for National Voter Registration Day!  

Go to  https://nationalvoterregistrationday.org, sign your League on as a partner and start planning a registration drive for that day.
Suggested Questions for Candidate Forums 

President Bonnie Cox joined with the Chairman of DuPage County and the President of the Metropolitan Planning Council in sending a  letter to editorial boards with suggested questions for candidates for state offices this fall. Local Leagues may also want to include the questions in their candidate forums:  
  • Do you have a plan to increase government efficiency while maintaining quality services and infrastructure through consolidation and shared services?
  • Would you support legislation that would allow citizens to directly place on the ballot referendum questions to dissolve a specific unit of government?
  • Are there any specific units of government that you believe could be consolidated, or services shared with another entity in your area? Why or why not?
  • What's your vision for modernizing state, county, local and special purpose governments to be more accountable, transparent and fiscally sustainable?
Stroll to the Polls Project Wins National Award 

Congratulations to LWV Naperville on winning a national award during the recent LWVUS Convention! Their project to increase voter turnout in Naperville's lowest performing precincts was chosen as first place in the Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy Awards in the category of Community Connection. Look for more information on their proven plan  HERE
Membership Leadership Development
We were pleased to host over 50 LWV leaders at our annual Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) training on Saturday, July 21. This year's training focused on the "leaderful organization" and practical leadership skills, but there were also opportunities for networking, problem-solving and laying the groundwork for an upcoming successful year -- and a yummy meal at Maggiano's!! Thanks to all who attended and for your thoughtful feedback on the session. We look forward to launching another successful year of our MLD program in August. The attached document addresses the  lingering questions that were raised at the conclusion of training

We would like to introduce our 2018-19 MLD coaches and the Leagues they will be working with: Jan Dorner (Chicago); Jean Pierce (DeKalb); Mary Cay Murray (Downers Grove/Woodridge/Lisle and Elmhurst); Kathy Tosh (Edwardsville and Springfield); Joe Gibson (Greater Peoria and Jackson County); Mary Sheahen (Highland Park/Highwood); Alesia Young (Kewanee and Park Forest); Josie Hamilton (Palatine and Winnetka/Northfield/Kenilworth); Sue Khalaieff (Arlington Heights/Mt. Prospect/Buffalo Grove).

We are also excited to report that the League is gaining traction across the state. Recent Member-at-Large (MAL) Units have been added in St. Claire County (in western Illinois) and the Northwest Lake County Region (in northeastern Illinois). Becoming a MAL Unit is the first step that a group takes on the road to becoming a chartered League.

Monthly conversations are also taking place with groups in the Quad Cities, Kankakee, Livingston County and Calumet City, guiding them towards forming MAL units. We salute the dedication and enthusiasm of those leading this charge!
Audio and Video Conferencing Guide
People work in different ways. While some are in cubicles and conference rooms, others are typing away in coffee shops or even from the comfort of their own homes. We have League members located across the state. This can make collaboration tricky. 

With that in mind, the Communications Committee has put together a  comparison guide on various online conference tools, including both video and audio resources. It may be found on the league website HERE. We hope that this guide can provide some suggestions on what conference tool works best for your work and audience. However, please be advised that these tools are constantly evolving, meaning you should always verify information like cost or special features before relying on that resource for your meeting or conference call. Feel free to email  info@lwvil.org  if you have any further questions.

Please forward a list of your current officers and/or executive board members (including the roster manager) to Roberta Borrino at rborrino@lwvil.org. This ensures the timely distribution of information to the appropriate contacts. 
Local League Leaders Google Group

If you have not already joined, you are still welcome to give the Local League Leaders Google Group a try.  We're up to  members!

If you'd like a new invitation sent to you or another member of your league, please send the name and email address to  info@lwvil.org.
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