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We are all busy people, with a lot demanded of us at work. It is easy to get swept up in what is being asked of us, and only call out the work of our followers when it disrupts our own flow. Resist that tendency. Take the time to identify and acknowledge the good work being done by every one of your followers. They are all working as hard as you are, and need to know that you see that effort, and appreciate their quality outcomes. Taking time to show gratitude is an investment in better employee engagement and contribution. It pays off, so make it a habit!

Expressions of gratitude make great employee engagement tools. And they are not an expensive or time-consuming burden for managers to make it a core part of their leadership tool kit. Let's review six simple ways to show appreciation at work.

Do Employees Really Want Small Talk with the Boss?

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review disparaged small talk as an effective leadership tool. We disagree. Used judiciously, small talk sets the table for more open, trusting, respectful business conversations between boss and subordinate. Not only that, but how can you follow through on your commitment to show appreciation (see above) if you cannot engage in personal conversations?

Click through for our thoughts on the power of small talk.

Meeting Great New People at HR Star 2017

Bovo-Tighe hit the road in July to meet new people and have great conversations about how best to develop high-performance teams and leaders. The highlight: All the great HR professionals we met at the HR Star Conference in South San Francisco!

We made them a special offer, too.

Your BT Mid-Year Leadership Tune-Up Guide

Have you taken time this summer to assess the progress of your leadership journey so far this year? How have you grown your ability since January? How will you be hitting the “reset” button for the coming Fall productivity period between Labor Day and Thanksgiving? What actions can you take to get your mindsets reset and refocused? Click here for ideas.

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