Step, step, run ... leap!
Businesses are answering the call to accelerate climate action. Actively engaged in COP23, the Climate Finance Day and the One Planet Summit, Quantis breaks down what every CEO and sustainability manager should have on their strategic radar. So, is it all too late? What will be your legacy? How are you preparing to face climate change and other environmental impacts on valuable resources?

Measuring business performance in the circular economy
Circularity raises multiple questions for industry, including waste management, consumer behavior, corporate responsibility and decarbonization. In the face of growing stakeholder debate, we shed some light on combining LCA and circularity to prioritize environmentally performant solutions and align businesses with the limits of the planet.

Check out what we've been up to at Quantis

Streamlining Corporate Water Stewardship
Ahead of the Alliance for Water Stewardship's Forum, water expert Jean-Baptiste Bayard shared a 3-step approach to drive corporate action across the value chain.

Quantis session tops list at #SB17Copenhagen
Channelling their inner Sustainability Superheroes, our teammates joined #SB17Copenhagen to engage major brands on "Doing Good".

Prioritizing food loss + waste in natural capital accounting
Did you know up to 1/3 of food is either lost or wasted? We call food businesses to prioritize the issue ahead of the Natural Capital Forum.

Quantis has talent! The new faces of 2017
2017 was an exceptional year for Quantis. We welcomed a fresh new crop of diverse talents across our group - from Berlin and Bogota to Boston. 

Part of this harvest is seasoned sustainability professional Bryan Sheehan, our newly appointed US Director. His steps into this role as his predecessor, Jon Dettling, moves to a new role in the group,  Global Director, Services + Innovation, where he  will continue strengthening the our full suite of sustainability services.

Inspiring collaborations

Turning company goals into science-based targets
We proudly supported Farmer Brothers in becoming the 1st coffee-centric group to have their goals approved by the Science-Based Targets initiative.


Introducing the Net Environmental Contribution
With responsible private investment proving essential to Climate Action, we joined Sycomore AM in developing Net Environmental Contribution metrics.


Comparing biosourced and petroleum-based products
ADEME makes study public to encourage improvement of biosourced products, as they prove more environmentally performant than their petroleum-based alternatives.

#Hack4Climate > winning team uses Quantis' expertise
Invited to COP23 by Hack4Climate, the first ever COP-related hackathon, Quantis couldn't pass up the opportunity to challenge the Top 100 blockchain aficionados to prototype blockchain and IT-based solutions for sustainable land use. Making the most of the expertise shared by Quantis' Dr. J├╝rgen Reinhard and Chris Zimdars, Gain Forest won the event with an AI-powered conservation tool to fight deforestation in the Amazon.