In the spirit of football season, I'm looking at the rest of this year as a fourth down opportunity. If you were watching a game and the team had 4th down and 51 yards to go, what would you recommend? Most definitely a kick, right? Yup, me too.
We have 51 business days left (as I write this), and you might be thinking it's time to punt into next year for your strategic initiatives. Another consideration is to use your end of year projects as opportunities to advance your strategic plan. Here are common areas of attention, and ways to think differently about them this year ...

  Judy Hissong  

Are you someone who sets goals? Written goals? According to this Forbes article, those with written goals are more likely to accomplish them. Yet many of us don't have goals at all. How do you start? Most of us have heard of SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-measurable) as the recommended way to construct goals. I suggest it goes a little deeper than that. Separate your goals ...

Leading the people that report to you might seem easy to you, but how about when you want to influence those you report to? We'll share strategies, ideas, and struggles in the conversation.

This book is one woman's quest to live differently -less responsible and capable and more passion and connection. Your life is your creation - and Shauna challenged me to consider if I had a blank calendar and a infinitely full bank account, what would I do? Seems a.. .
What is involved in the process of finding the perfect speaker for your next event? Maybe it's the first time you've been asked to be part of the interview process for the speaker at your organization's event. What do you ask? As Stephen Covey said, begin with the end in mind. Before you begin your interviewing process, this white paper will give you some points to consider.

You will learn:
  •  The 6 criteria for choosing a speaker
  • 11 questions to ask during their interview
  • The answers to look for when analyzing their responses
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