Spring 2014


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Leaders must prepare their successor.  This is a key responsibility and critical for a sustainable strategic advantage. Our Spring 2014 newsletter tackles this important issue and will challenge you to think differently about the Laws of Leadership. It's also filled with tips, suggested articles, opportunities and an offer to purchase our proven strategic planning tool kit for only $49.99 (shop now, this offer ends 4/15/14).  This will help you get started with the core strategy templates you need.

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The Leaders Rule of 3
by Darcy Bien


Recently I heard a great message while quietly sitting in the church pew! It reminded me of the responsibility we have as leaders of our organizations. Thank you Chad, at Horizon Community Church, for making me think differently about the Laws of Leadership.


Rule #1: Leadership is Temporary.

This is a very interesting paradigm shift for most leaders. Most of us try to do whatever it takes to stay in a leadership position versus being bold and taking risks. You are there for a reason, based on your skills and experience, to move the organization forward. If you believe you are the forever answer, you may, in fact, hold the organization back.

Rule #2: Leaders are Accountable.

The same rules of the organization apply to all leaders. Often times, I see leaders who believe they are above the rules. Simple things like how you treat others, follow-through, and work ethic start with the leaders. If the behaviors don't match the values, there is a problem.

Rule #3: Leaders Must Develop Others.

If you believe Rule #1, then you know it is leadership's responsibility to develop the next in line. When I worked at Procter & Gamble, it was my responsibility to have a back-up plan and to unofficially train my replacement. This was part of each employee's personal development plan.

In "Great" organizations, leaders spend the majority of their time developing the next wave of leaders. This is real sustainability! If you are not following these three laws of leadership, then are you keeping your organization from reaching its full potential?

Client Testimonial
"After ten years of coaching by Darcy Bien, my partners and I successfully sold our business for a value above our expectation.  Now, I am able to confidently employ her proven techniques for my global clients utilizing a proven process for success." 

David Rodarte, Chief Executive Officer

The following individuals are working diligently to complete all necessary requirements for the Certified Strategic Planner (CSP) certification:

Jessica Black, JBM Envelope

Dan Bowen, KOST USA

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Adam Mellenkamp, Stober

Joe Vallo, Motz Group 


Strategic Planning Articles
This quarter's referred articles include getting employees thinking strategically and capitalizing on voice of the customer.

How to Get Your Employees to Think Strategically, Will Yakowicz, Inc.com


Develop Strategic Thinkers Throughout your Organization, Harvard Business Review


Capitalizing on Voice of the Customer, e-book by Allegiance


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Partners in Change LLC seeks a seasoned Organizational Development Consultant to work with our clients to build leadership team culture. As we work with clients to craft their strategy, we often find they need help with identifying and developing a cohesive team to bring the strategy to life.






PinC is growing and we are looking for a Marketing Manager to help us and our clients.  They would focus on development and implemention of marketing initiatives and communication strategies consistent with the firm's vision, goals, and client needs


Qualifications: 3-5 years of professional marketing experience and a Bachelor's degree in Marketing or Communications



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Consultants from all disciplines can learn the Strategy in Motion way and benefit from the vast tools that are available. Our most recent CSP is David Rodarte of Changing Velocity.

He has experienced the power of the Strategy in Motion and is now helping companies take their strategy to the next level.

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