FM Area Diversion Project breaks ground on Inlet and Control Structure south of Horace

Local, state and federal officials gathered today to commemorate the fight against the floodwaters of 1997 and officially mark the beginning of construction on the FM Area Diversion Project.

More than 150 people attended the event south of Horace. The site will be the future location of the Diversion Inlet and Control Structure that marks the southern end of the Diversion Channel. Read more and see photos of the event here

 Watch the groundbreaking event

The Flood of 1997; the first of many water marks
West Fargo resident Karen Kraft shares her story and memories from the flood of 1997. 

FAQ: How does the Project work?

The Project includes three main parts: In-town levee projects, a Southern Embankment and a Diversion Channel. The Southern Embankment regulates water to prevent flooding of the metro area during a significant flood event. The 30-mile Diversion channel allows that water to flow around the Fargo-Moorhead, Horace, West Fargo, Harwood and other areas in a controlled manner. Water during a significant flood event would still flow through town at the 35’ flood level, utilizing the in-town levees. Three control structures will allow water to flow through town and into the Diversion channel.

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