February 2022

Leaders in the Field
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After almost 11 years with Orangewood Foundation, Pam Shambra, Capital Campaign Director for Samueli Academy, celebrated the completion of both the $72m capital campaign and a seven-acre school campus! From vacant land to a thriving grade 7-12 public charter school, the campus now boasts a dormitory for foster youth, three academic buildings, a gymnasium, and a regulation-sized soccer field. Pam plans to take some well-deserved time off and look for a new capital campaign opportunity in the fall!

Pam was coached in the 2004 Executive Coaching Program, participated in the 2010 Executive Learning Group and trained as a coach in 2013.

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Leadership is called for when we least expect it, in ways we never imagined. And the past two years have tested this reality for leaders everywhere, perhaps most acutely our healthcare leaders. Esteemed Fieldstone Leadership Network board member Tammie Brailsford had the privilege of addressing 450 members of the Association of California Nurse Leaders.

Tammie encouraged, challenged and inspired them to be intentional about incorporating values, well-being and relationships into their leadership. With the quit rate higher than it's been in 20 years and more than 30% of nurses and other healthcare professionals considering leaving their jobs, even their careers, Tammie offered hope that leaders who move from person to person, not problem to problem, could turn this GREAT RESIGNATION into the GREAT RENEWAL. A team led by someone who believes that relationships are at the heart of our individual and collective success, and who integrates well-being into the culture, will generate predictable, sustainable results allowing people to experience joy at work.  


LOVE IS...Giving Day, hosted by Orange County Community Foundation, kicked off with great coverage on Good Day LA. The aim was to raise $100,000 for local OC nonprofits committed to supporting, educating and empowering teens. The coverage featured Cathleen Otero, Senior Vice President of OCCF, Mark Lee, CEO of Women's Transitional Living Center, and Lisa Fujimoto, CEO & Executive Director of The Priority Center.

To view this segment, click here.

Mark participated in the 2020 Executive Learning Group and was coached in the 2021 Executive Coaching Program. Lisa participated in the 2021 Executive Learning Group and is currently being coached in the 2022 Executive Coaching Program.

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Laguna Art Museum unveiled Anastasis, a new sculpture by Laguna Beach artist Gerard Stripling. The artwork encourages communication, positivity, and the need to seek solutions for a healthier community. The sculpture consists of a central elegant open-looped steel beam; its two arms stretch 12 feet high and are capped by glass. It is surrounded by six round stools that invite visitors to sit together around the central sculpture.

Anastasis was installed on the occasion of African American Heritage Month in the city of Laguna Beach. This project was realized through the guidance and support of Dr. Rebecca Washington-Lindsey, Peter Blake, and Michael Ray. Special thanks to the City of Laguna Beach City Council, Arts Commission, and Cultural Arts Department. 

Julie Perlin Lee, Executive Director, in a current member of the 2022 Executive Learning Group.


Vivalon was recently awarded Best Nonprofit Organization in Marin County by the Marin Independent Journal. Vivalon has served as the central resource hub for Marin County’s older adults and people with disabilities. Anne Grey, Chief Executive Officer, recently celebrated her one-year anniversary at Vivalon. While we miss her here in Orange County, she continues to do great work!

Anne was a favorite presenter of the Network, who frequently shared her time and expertise in our Crossroads & Turning Points, Fieldstone@4 and Fieldstone4U programs.


Pretend City Children’s Museum announced the retirement of their Chief Operating Officer, Leslie Perovich. During her eight years as COO, Leslie led the charge to refine operational systems and deepen the relationships that have made Pretend City a vital community resource. It is largely due to her leadership that Pretend City was able to weather the unprecedented challenges presented by the pandemic with the strategy, vision, and passion that she dedicated to the museum and its mission of early childhood education. We wish her the absolute best as she embarks upon this next chapter of retirement. 

Leslie participated in the 2002 Nonprofit Leaders Learning Group and was coached in the 2003 Executive Coaching Program.

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Be Well Orange County Campus is up and running and was featured in UCI News that articulates what has been created as a more comprehensive approach to mental healthcare.

For the full article, click here.

Lauren Brand, Executive Director of Operations of Be Well OC was a participant in the 2016 Executive Learning Group, is a trained Creative Encounters by Fieldstone facilitator, is a Coach in our Executive Coaching Program, and participated in the 2019 and 2020 Leadership Reading Group.

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Despite their community being awakened at 4:00am on February 11th with fire evacuations due to the Emerald Fire, the incredibly dedicated Laguna Food Pantry volunteers served 110 struggling families, providing each of them with over 50 lbs. of groceries!


Anne Belyea, Executive Director, was a participant of the 2021 Executive Learning Group.

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Congratulations to The Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton for reaching a $1,000,000 endowment for the first time, representing a 426% increase in the past five years. They celebrated by giving away tickets to The Million Dollar Quartet, graciously donated by their friends at La Mirada Theater.   


Farrell Hirsch, Chief Executive Office, was a participant in the 2019 Executive Learning Group and Stephannie Bobadilla, Chief Education Officer was coached in the 2018 Executive Coaching Program.

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Vital Link announces the hiring of their new President, April Barnes. April is a leader in educational non-profit organizations and connected to Southern California leadership in business and education. She brings her experience as an executive leader and years of knowledge in partnership building and programming to Vital Link and their regional partners.  

Vital Link is dedicated to preparing students for their future careers through experiential learning opportunities. The organization offers programs that introduce students to the world of entrepreneurship, biotechnology, augmented reality (AI), robotics, engineering, manufacturing, healthcare and medical, computer programming, digital media arts, automotive technology, and much more. Through these hands-on programs, they inspire students to feel confident and excited to pursue a fulfilling career.

Neda Arab, Senior Director of Programs, participated in the 2021 Nonprofit Leaders Learning Group and Misha Houser, Fundraising & Development Coordinator, is a current participant in the Leadership Reading Group.


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The survey is now open for participation, with new questions about DEI practices, a revised Economic Environment/COVID-19 Pandemic section, and new jobs in the Administration, Education, Operations and Social Services/Behavioral Health areas.

As our communities continue to recover from the pandemic, nonprofit managers navigate uncertain economic conditions related to pay rates, employee retention, benefits and employment policies. The survey provides a wealth of information to help nonprofits make informed decisions about these key issues, covering these ten Southern California counties: Imperial, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Kern, Orange, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo and Ventura.

The cost of the report is steeply discounted for participants and depends on your organization’s financial size, with a range of $90 to $190.

To participate in the 2022 survey (and acquire the 2021 survey report, if you don’t already have it), visit socal.nonprofitcomp.com and scroll to the end of the page.

Participation deadline:       March 11, 2022 (extended deadline)

Report publication date:    April 30, 2022

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