Diversion leaders update new ND State Water Commissioners
Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney and Cass County Commissioner Chad Peterson of the Diversion Board of Authority traveled to Bismarck to give new members of the State Water Commission an update about the project.

“Much has been done to improve our flood risk, but we need the FM Area Diversion Project,” Mahoney explained to the group. “Without the Diversion, approximately 11,000 homes in Fargo are at risk of being in the FEMA 100-year-floodplain.”

Read more about the presentation here.
Summer survey work on Red, Maple and other rivers concludes
On August 17, 2017, fish and environment sampling related to the FM Area Diversion project concluded. Samples were taken from 20 segments of the five rivers around the project areas. 

This monitoring study preceeded invertebrate sampling that will begin in September 2017 and geomorphological surveys later in fall 2017. The Corps appreciates the cooperation from all of the land owners and all of the interest shown by the public.

See more photos of the sampling here.  
FM Area Diversion Project
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