Strengthen Your Competitive Advantage with Leadership

“Your collective leadership is only as good as your weakest leader."  

I heard this from a keynote at a leadership development conference over 15 years ago and it hit me like a brick. READ MORE
360 Degree Assessments
Understand What is Working, What is Not, and Correcting Course

With all of the uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity facing businesses today, it has never been more important to have strong leaders at the helm.

In fact, effective, collective leadership directly correlates to success. According to a research study by the Leadership CircleTM, the top 10% of the highest performing businesses have leadership assessment scores showing more than 80% leadership effectiveness, while businesses with leaders scoring in the bottom third on their leadership assessments show financial results that are literally less than one quarter of the top organizations in the same industry. Who says leadership isn’t a competitive advantage!

One of the tools that Crothers Consulting uses is the Leadership Circle ProfileTM (LCP), which creates awareness to help those in charge understand how they are perceived and the tendencies that impact their effectiveness.

With the LCP, we accelerate the development conversation because the leader gets a clear picture of what developmental objectives will provide exponential impact. 

Following the LCP assessment and the ensuing debrief with a coach, each leader will be able to create a unique and individualized development plan. This plan is a launch pad which translates directly into increasing the collective leadership and overall business effectiveness of the organization. 

If you need leaders in your organization who think systemically, are courageously authentic and who build strong relationships, then it is time to increase their consciousness around how they are showing up and being experienced by those around them (which include data from peers, direct reports, boss[es], self, as well as a category for clients or another department they interact with regularly).

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The Crothers Consulting Team continues to grow...
We recently welcomed Tracy Binkley as a new Lead Consultant with our team.

Tracy is a Global Human Resources executive with nearly 30 years experience in the financial services industry, focusing on strategic HR planning, organizational design, global compensation, and cultural initiatives.
As a worldwide HR manager and business partner, Tracy specializes in partnering with leaders and executives to accelerate results, increase effectiveness and manage change in challenging times.

Tracy and Laura met at their first jobs out of college at Shearson Lehman Brothers, where Tracy remained and went on to become the Global Head of HR for Lehman.  
Tim JohnPress is a new Coach with TeamCrothers. He has been blessed with a diverse coaching career with leaders in technology, hospitality, education and finance. 

Today his work as a consultant and advisor is focused on leadership excellence, high performance teamwork and organizational effectiveness. 
Tim was one of the original coaches who introduced Laura to LCP in 2007.
Let's welcome another new Coach to our team, Mike Sweeney.

Having left a successful career in banking and finance, Mike has dedicated himself to leadership coaching where he shares his experience building and managing top performing teams.
A highly effective communicator, Mike is a particularly adept mentor for those managing through organizational and personal change. He uses the Leadership Circle 360TM and believes in Franklin Covey’s speed of trust principles as part of his work with leaders.

Laura tells us Mike was one of the best 'people leaders' she's worked with in the last 20 years and is thrilled to have him on the Crothers team.
What's Hot in Developing Leaders and Managers
“Soft skills” such as flexibility, resiliency, creativity, sensitivity and compassion have become more important in these challenging times. 
We recently asked the coaches and consultants on the Crothers team what they’re seeing as top areas for leadership development. READ MORE
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