Transformational Leadership Academy 1st Seminar Sept 14 at 10am
The Indiana-Kentucky Synod is excited to roll out the training curriculum for lay worship leaders! This series of courses will be required for all current and future lay worship leaders and will provide an opportunity for robust formation and training led by teaching theologians working at Indiana and Kentucky seminaries and universities.

The first event of the series will be a seminar led by Professor Amy Lindeman Allen, who will invite us to contemplate “Jesus Among the People”.

“Why did Jesus seem to spend so much time with Pharisees? Why does the gospel writer note that Mary, Joanna, and Susanna provided for Jesus out of their resources? Who is the little child that Jesus places in his disciples' midst? Asking these questions and more, this seminar will explore the message and ministry of Jesus through the perspectives of those with whom he lived and ministered.

Bringing to the forefront various age, gender, social, ethnic, and religious identities and their intersections, participants in this seminar will not only learn more about who Jesus lived and ministered among, but also how their identities intersect and inform Jesus' own identity as well as his message and ministry.

Using specific texts as a spring-board, participants will practice first seeing and hearing the ancient people implicit in the gospel accounts and then giving voice to these diverse characters in their teaching and preaching. By making connections with the identities and personhood of the people in Jesus' audience, participants will also learn to connect with people at the intersections of their identity and personhood in their own audiences today.”
Professor Lindeman Allen’s seminar will be held 10am – 3pm, on Saturday, September 14 at the Indiana-Kentucky Synod office: 911 E 86 th St, Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

Please RSVP to Cory Driver or 317.253.3522

The complete schedule for the first round of Indianapolis-based training and formation events:
  • Sept 14 – Dr. Amy Lindeman Allen – New Testament – Jesus Among the People
  • Oct 26 – Dr. Cory Driver – Old Testament – Encountering the Hebrew Bible Again/for the First Time
  • Dec 7 – Dr. Derek Nelson – Lutheran Theology and Practice
  • Feb 15 – Dr. Leah Schade – Introduction to Preaching and Homiletics
  • Mar 14 – Dr. Cory Driver – Spirituality & Prayer for Leaders
  • April TBD – Dr. Jessicah Duckworth – Theological Practices of Worship & Welcome
  • May TBD – Synod Staff – Interpersonal Issues, Listening and Boundaries 
In addition to lay worship leaders, ALL lay people and rostered ministers are invited and encouraged to attend. For those not in the lay worship leaders program, the cost of the classes is $20.

If you are interested in exploring what it means to be a Lay Worship Leader in your congregation or area, please contact Cory Driver, Director of the Transformational Leadership Academy at .