For your awareness, today I am sending out the newsletter below to all providers, highlighting key updates for this month. Please reinforce these important messages with your providers.
If you have any questions, please contact me directly. As always, thank you for your continued support.
May 14, 2020
For All Providers
Secure Chat Launch
Secure Chat successfully launched last week within Epic with 12,000 messages already exchanged. Secure Chat helps you communicate and collaborate more efficiently – you can quickly and securely text non-emergent communications to other providers, clinicians and most staff through Epic Mobile apps ( Haiku / Canto ) or your desktop. You can also access your patient’s chart directly from the chat, but make sure you continue documenting patient care and treatment in Epic notes. 
For more information about Secure Chat:

For All Cardiologists
Procedure Pass Tool Ensures Pre-Procedure Task Completion
Effective Monday, May 18
On Monday, May 18, Procedure Pass launches in Epic for Interventional Cardiology. Procedure Pass is designed to prevent same-day procedure cancellations and delays due to incomplete pre-surgical tasks.

With Procedure Pass :
  • Epic automatically generates pre-procedure task lists personalized for each patient, then marks tasks complete when documentation is finished prior to the procedure.
  • You’ll have an interactive checklist of tasks and required documentation for every procedure, including:
  • H&P notes
  • Consents
  • Orders for labs specific to the procedure or circumstances, (e.g., EKG)
  • If more than one piece of documentation can satisfy a pre-procedure task requirement, Epic will prompt you with a list of suggested steps to complete the task.

Additional benefits of Procedure Pass include:
  • A central place to track Pre-op and PAT tasks.
  • Standardized PAT protocols for cardiology.
  • Improved patient pre-op experience and care.
  • Decreased time reviewing charts.

For more information:
For All Providers
Scheduled Epic Downtime for Critical Updates
Sunday, May 17, 2 – 3:30 a.m.
On Sunday, May 17 from 2 – approximately 3:30 a.m. , Epic will experience a downtime for critical updates.
For All Providers
PACS Imaging Not Working with Latest iOS Version
The latest iOS version (13.4.1) is causing issues with viewing PACS Imaging on Epic Mobile Haiku and Canto . We are currently working to resolve and will update you when it’s corrected.

If you have:
  • The latest iOS version (13.4.1):
  • Use Epic Hyperspace on a desktop to view PACS Imaging.
  • An older version: You can still view PACS Imaging via Haiku and Canto.
  • Note: If you frequently use Epic Mobile to view PACS images, you may want to wait to update your iOS software until the issue is resolved.
COVID-19 Updates
For All Providers
COVID-19 Lab Order for Pre-Procedure or Non-PUI Assessments
COVID-19 lab orders are now available for pre-procedure or non-PUI testing without requiring isolation or triggering COVID-19 alerts, unless a patient tests positive.

  • For inpatient testing:
  • A COVID-19 Qualitative PCR – Pre-Procedure or Non-PUI Assessment order set is available.
  • Order set names are now updated for clarity: 
  • For Preop and PAT testing:
  • Order sets are updated with the COVID-19 qualitative PCR [LAB3555] order.
  • A new screening question, defaulted to Yes, validates that the test is part of a pre-procedure assessment. 
  • For non-pre-procedure assessment and ordering on suspected patients:
  • Selecting No will trigger COVID-19 alerts.
For All SPG/PCG Providers
COVID-19 Antibody Lab Orders Available in Epic for External Testing Agencies  

New orders are now available in Epic to facilitate ordering a COVID-19 Serology Antibody test from the three external agencies providing this test – Quest, LabCorp and BioReference.
Quest and BioReference only offer a test for an IgG antibody. LabCorp also provides IgM and IgA tests. Note : IgG tests can be collected at the testing agency. IgM and IgA are clinic-collect only.
Click here for additional information, including screenshots.
For All Providers
Auto-Release of Non-Sensitive Lab Results Changed
Auto-release times for many non-sensitive tests have changed – allowing patients to receive test results sooner. You now have a shorter window to review these results, but you can continue using the In Basket Results Folder or the MyChart Results Release Activity to manually prevent results from auto-releasing.
  • Non-sensitive labs and COVID-19 tests (regardless of encounter type) will auto-release 24 hours after they’re finalized.
  • ED and inpatient test results will auto-release 24 hours after discharge.
  • Basic Metabolic Panel, CBC Hemogram and CBC with Platelet and Differential are instantly released for MyChart Your Hospital Stay users.
  • Sensitive lab results, including tumor markers, genetic testing, pathology reports and non-screening mammograms will continue auto-releasing 10 days after finalization.
  • Imaging studies will continue to auto-release four days after finalization.
For All ED Providers
New Name for ED Abnormal Culture Result Report
The ED Abnormal Culture Result report is now called ED DC Positive Culture FU and includes individuals with a positive COVID-19 result. To search for the report in the library, type ED Positive in the search bar. 
For All Providers
Positioning to Improve Ease of Breathing Document for COVID-19 Patients
The Positioning to Improve Ease of Breathing document is now available in English and Spanish for COVID-19 patients and can be added to the After Visit Summary  ( AVS ). 

Click here for instructions.
For All Providers
New COVID-19 SmartPhrase Dragon Commands
You now have new COVID-19 SmartPhrases built as step-by-step Dragon commands for critical care medicine, infectious disease and internal and family medicine – saving you time and reducing clicks.
Key Updates
For All ED Providers
Refresh Button Now Easier to Find

The Refresh button is now visible at the bottom of the Provider Note in Epic making it easier to locate.
For All Providers
Physician Help Desk: IT Help Desk for Providers Only
If you need IT help, make sure you are calling the Physician Help Desk at 832.667.5555. This line is designated for providers only and will help you access the correct agent faster, so you can get back to caring for your patients. Be sure to:
  • Press 1 for Epic/clinical workflows.
  • Press 2 for all other issues, such as computer/printer and non-clinical issues.
For All Providers
MyChart Your Hospital Stay Now Available for Admitted Patients
Admitted patients at all HM hospitals can now access Your Hospital Stay through their MyChart app. This new feature provides admitted patients and their designees details related to their hospitalization.
Your Hospital Stay is only available through the MyChart app on a personal smartphone or tablet. Patients can designate shared access to their MyChart accounts with specific family members or caregivers who have a MyChart account.
For more information, review the FAQs
For All Providers
Push Notifications for COVID-19 Results
You will now automatically receive push notifications for COVID-19 results, saving you time and clicks.
  • Notifications will appear as generic messages on your lock screen or as banners when you’re using your mobile device.
  • If you tap the notification while logged in, it will take you to the related In Basket message.
  • You can toggle notifications on or off.
  • Now, if the lab cancels an order and places a different one, you will still receive a push notification.

Remember, you can customize the messages you want to receive or turn off messages within Haiku and Canto . Click here for instructions.
Ways to Reach IT
IT Physician Help Desk:
  • 832.667.5555
  • Press 1 for Epic/clinical workflows.
  • Press 2 for all other issues, such as computer/printer and non-clinical issues.
  • helpdesk@houstonmethodist.org 
Houston Methodist IT Website for Physicians: