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May 2022
Executive Director's Message - Beth Benson
As I reflect on my first month in this position, I’ve come to realize something. No matter what I thought I knew about the vibrant nonprofit sector in Greater Cincinnati and the generosity of spirit here, I didn’t know the half of it!

Despite several decades working in this sector, I have still encountered dozens of organizations new to me in my first weeks here. In particular, the vibrancy of grassroots and BIPOC-led groups feels stronger than ever. Leadership Council is committed to help that continue.

As part of my onboarding, I joined Jenny in meeting with almost all of our Leaders Circles as they wrapped up their program year. I had no idea how popular and valued this program is by our members. The opportunity for a safe space for peers to process the challenges of nonprofit leadership is unique in our community. Registration is open (see below) for next year, and I can’t wait to bring these amazing facilitators and groups together again.

Our BOLD program, led by Jay Shatz, is doing a superb job preparing folks from across our community to be skilled and motivated board members. Our generous sponsors, facilitators, and speakers make this program what it is. Find out for yourself - see below for registration for our next cohort!

We have an incredible board with seven dynamic new board members in the mix. I am grateful to the search committee and board for a supportive and quick process as we explored my candidacy for this role together. I am beyond honored that they chose me to serve our members and the larger community.

Finally, my time working alongside Jenny Berg was a gift. You all know how gracious, connected, and energetic Jenny is, and she approached my onboarding with all those qualities – plus patience and humor! My goal is to steward the advances that she led for the Leadership Council and work alongside our board and our partners to continue to evolve with the needs of our sector.

I hope you’ll reach out to me – my virtual door is always open! I’d love to meet you, learn about and visit your organizations, and find new ways to collaborate.
Registration Now Open for Leaders Circles
Have you ever wished you had a trusted group of nonprofit peers to coach, encourage, validate, challenge, support and hold you accountable as you grow as a leader? In 2021-22 almost 150 Leadership Council members participated in 16 Leaders Circles. They describe the program as a “lifesaver” that helped them navigate through COVID-19 challenges and changes, and prepare for the future.

The commitment includes monthly meetings September through May, consisting of 6-10 nonprofit leaders (matched by role/experience/org size) for each circle plus a skilled facilitator. Meetings are confidential, supportive, and create a cycle of learning, sharing, achieving and accountability. Meetings times and locations are determined by each group.

Participation fees, like Leadership Council dues, are based on organizational budget size. Click here to learn more and submit your application (deadline: July 29, 2022).
Step Up to Be a Better Board Member in 2022
There’s never been a better time for you, or your board members, to become better board leaders. Listen to BOLD 8 graduates Kim Anthony who thinks BOLD should be “required for all nonprofit boards" and Sanserrae Frazier who believes “the BOLD program is essential for being involved in your community". Click here to find out more and apply. Application deadline is August 5, 2022 for BOLD 11, running Aug. 25-Sept. 29, 2022.
Kim Anthony
Sanserrae Frazier
New Resource for LC Members: BOLD Board Connections
Need a resource to find prepared and motivated board members? We can work with you to connect your nonprofit with graduates from BOLD: Board Orientation and Leadership Development Program. BOLD grads:
  • are highly motivated and well trained in board leadership. 
  • come from diverse backgrounds and communities. 
  • want to be servant leaders bringing their passions and talents to you.

Just email our BOLD Board Connections Coordinator Lynn Heinzelman with details on the board or committee vacancies you need to fill. This is an exclusive benefit for members of the Leadership Council for Nonprofits!
Events Calendar
June 17
IT Best Practices for Nonprofits Peer Network
Does your organization struggle with digital organization? Is everyone on the same page when it comes to how to name files and where to store them? Join us at our next IT Roundtable where we will tackle strategies for establishing a cohesive file structure within your organization. Click Here for more information and to register.
June 22
Impact Data Nonprofit Quarterly Circles
If you are responsible for demonstrating impact within your organization – we know your job isn’t easy. Join us for a virtual coffee to tackle strategies that bring clarity and simplicity to your world, help you feel inspired and uplifted by data – versus encumbered by it.
Click Here for more information and to register.
Oct 3-5
The Leadership Challenge®3-day Workshop Experience
The past two years have been extraordinarily challenging for everyone and especially nonprofits. You had to figure out dramatic new ways to serve people, obtain necessary funding and resources, and keep employees. Burnout and fatigue took their toll. Hopefully, the road ahead will be less COVID-impacted, but the number of and intensity of challenges will only continue to grow. This is why The Leadership Challenge® is so important for you as a nonprofit leader right now.
Click Here for more information and to register.
Oct 12
21st Annual Not-for-profit Leadership Summit
Oct 11-13
"Search Inside Yourself" An Emotional Intelligence Based Workshop
Originally developed at Google, the world-renowned Search Inside Yourself program teaches practical mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership tools to unlock your full potential at work and in life. The Search Inside Yourself program will help you develop critical skills to face today's complex environment and be ready for the new normal.
Click Here for more information and to register.
Compensation Survey Available
If you missed the report launch and panel discussion on May 18, you can still purchase the 2022 Compensation & Benefits Survey report (survey respondents received a free copy). Thanks to our sponsor Von Lehman and research partner Employers Research Association. The cost is $300 (discounted to $150 for Leadership Council members and ERA or Von Lehman clients) – click here to learn more.
Grants Received
We are grateful for recent grants received from the Elsa Sule Foundation and Greater Cincinnati Foundation. Both grants will support our BOLD program in increasing participation by BIPOC board candidates, selected scholarship support, impact measurement, and connecting prospective board members with organizations.
Nonprofit Offerings
Scholarship opportunities from AFP Cincinnati for membership and Fundamentals of Fundraising Course: https://www.afpcincinnati.org/scholarships/
Welcome to New Members This Month
Job Opportunities
Having trouble recruiting? Leadership Council members can post their job(s) on our FREE JOB BOARD for 30 days? Are you looking for a new start in 2022? Job listings are viewable by anyone. Check out all of the various job opportunities on our JOB BOARD.
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