The Leadership Council Board of Directors Members want to first thank all of the essential workers in the fight to address COVID-19 from the medical professionals helping very ill patients to the truck drivers delivering essential goods to the grocery store workers, bus drivers, skilled construction trades, and everyone else working so hard to keep things moving forward! Our deep appreciation goes out to everyone in this very important fight to gain control and eventually overcome this virus! We salute all of the frontline and essential workers!
Recently, we were in the midst of a thriving economy and in such a short couple of months, our economy is now struggling with many businesses working with reduced operations and in some cases completely shut down resulting in a devastating impact on many people’s jobs. This has been a shocking and dramatic change we are all struggling to get through. Although history tells us we will find a solution to overcome this challenge, it will take time even with so many brilliant scientists working tirelessly to find solutions. We strongly encourage everyone to continue supporting your local businesses during these very tough times!
Now as many states and companies are starting with reopening strategies, working and learning remotely has become a part of our everyday lives. While many businesses and people have embraced technology, others struggle to understand how to operate in this new work environment. If you are thinking about brushing up your technology skills, many wonderful options exist, such as safe online training sessions or even advancing your technical skills with college or university online courses. This might be a good avenue to evaluate as you consider how technology can help you to run your business differently or build new skills. Many of the local colleges and universities may be able to help small businesses with on-the-job training through online programs especially as new COVID-19 business requirements and restrictions impact everyone. With additional federal and state business and workforce program funding, now may be a good time to explore these options to advance your firm by connecting through for easy access to programs . Without a doubt, Southwestern Illinois does its best work when we all work collaboratively together to build a better future for our families, children, and communities! Let us know how we can help you and your company.
The Building Workforce 2030 continues to make plans for the 2020/2021 school year. The speaking events and materials may be on a virtual format for a while, but the mission of the program continues. Prior to the stay-at-home orders were put in place due to COVID-19, the Building Workforce 2030 held two successful events, including a construction trades apprenticeship school two days of tours with 13 local high schools and 11 union apprenticeship schools participating followed by Mascoutah High School’s first ever career conference. Mascoutah High School’s career conference included nearly 50 presenters representing multiple industries including trades, businesses such has financial institutions, and more; presenting to 1,200 high school students. See the below article from Herald Publications. Click here to read more about the apprenticeship day feature in the St. Louis Labor Tribune Newspaper. The Building Workforce 2030 program will continue to inspire students to consider STEM, Construction Trades, and technical career options.
We look forward to better times ahead and hope to see you in the near future!
Ronda Sauget, DGMT, MBA
Executive Director & CEO
Leadership Council SWIL
104 Magnolia Drive, Suite B
Glen Carbon, IL 62034
Phone: 618-692-9745
Cell: 618-410-6422
"The biggest impact of the Building Workforce 2030 program is the exposure it provides to the students, teachers and counselors. Our mission is to introduce these career opportunities to young people. We have to help them see and find the path to start the journey. Whether it is through our amazing regional higher education system or connections to the trades and industry, it is up to us to show them the way."

Steve Faust
Business Development /
Diversity Coordinator
icon Mechanical
"Recently, PRI hired a bright young welder straight out of SWIC with a welding certificate. During the hiring process, he said that he knew he wanted to work at PRI after a tour coordinated by the Building Workforce 2030 program. He is now on his way to a great career. The Building Workforce 2030 program regularly receives feedback from students, educators and employers that the knowledge we provided about a career resulted in them finding a direction, a place to study, and a place to start their technical career. Even in these distant times, the program continues to make these critical connections between students and careers that is making a difference."

Tim Giddens
Chief Operating Officer
Progressive Recovery, Inc
"Having recently spent time with middle and high school students through the Building Workforce 2030 program, it is reassuring to know the future of our construction industry is in solid hands. Students need opportunities to gain a broader understanding of the numerous career paths in our region while being able to demonstrate their curiosity and willingness to learn to local leaders, which is where Building Workforce 2030 program comes in."

Mike Marchal
Holland Construction Services
"I wish my high school had implemented a school outreach Building Workforce program. Students need to visualize what their future might look like. Face-to-face meetings with people in the workforce helps student envisage their future."

Bill Jenkins
Chief Operating Officer
nextstep  foot & ankle center s
"The Building Workforce 2030 Program was a great way for students in Southwestern Illinois to learn about a variety of potential careers that aren’t always thought of as a teenager. While a high school student is busy thinking of their future, this program shows them many options of careers that don’t include extensive schooling but can include much success. Students heard from a variety of tradespeople about their lives and what students can look forward to if they chose that career. It’s important for our youth to hear about ALL the options for their future, including trades as well as college."
Kati M. Schwierjohn
Senior Director
REALTOR® Association of Southwestern Illinois
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