Career Advancement Requires More Than Just Doing the Job
Give employees the knowledge they need at each stage in their paths to leadership.
Successful organizations invest in their leaders at all levels because they know employees join organizations, but leave supervisors. Ensuring the sustainability and growth of a firm requires it to retain and develop top performers into leaders and managers. 

In response to this need, A CEC Colorado has created a new Leadership Development Program (replacing the former Future Leaders Program) to assist firms with providing four levels of training
on the skills necessary to be effective and successful in pre-supervisory through senior leadership
roles within a firm.

Developed and taught primarily by Calla Pott, SPHR, SHRM-SCP--an expert in issues related to professional development. Also, guest lecturer Lee James, CPA, CMC, CBI will offer training in project financial management. These two seasoned professionals will bring an abundance of knowledge to the Leadership Development Program, which begins in February 2017 in Denver with the first two of four levels that focus on nine areas of competency:
- Communication & Relationships
Coaching & Development 
Employment Law 
- Project Financial Management
- Team Dynamics 
- Change Management 
- Results Focus 
- Leadership Theories
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Enrollment Fees
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Payment is not needed at time of registration;  it will be billed on your firm's next statement.

Member-firm Employees
Early Registration (Nov. 17 - Jan. 7):
$1,599 (first registration) 
$1,499 (same-firm subsequent registrations)

Late Registration ( Jan. 8-21):
$1,899 (first registration)
$1,799 (same-firm subsequent registrations)
Calla Pott, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Pott has 20 years of human resources (HR) & organizational development experience with small- to medium-size for-profit and non-profit organizations. Prior to starting Align By Design, Pott was an HR consultant with a professional employer organization, where she partnered with organizations from diverse industries to align their human resources processes and strategy to support their business objectives. 
Click here to watch a video of Pott discussing the Leadership Development Program.
Lee R. James, CPA, CMC, CBI
James is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Consultant and Certified Business Intermediary with more than 30 years of experience as a business and management consulting expert who brings immediate value and specializes in serving engineering/architect/construction firms. Click here to see James' full biography.
Program Overview: Level I & Level II
Level I Program
For pre-supervisory project engineers and planners
8 a.m. - Noon | First Tuesday (unless noted with *)
(Second class may be offered from 1 - 5 p.m., based on demand)
Workshop Descriptions

Feb. 7 
Communication & Relationships:
Interpersonal Communication
Learn different verbal and non-verbal skills to effectively communicate with others. Develop techniques to build collaboration, increase your influence and resolve conflicts successfully.
March 7
Coaching & Development: Continuous Learner
Becoming a continuous learner is critical for leaders at all levels. Learn how to seek and receive feedback, identify areas for improvement and align your development plans with the organization's strategies.
April 4
Employment Law: Harassment & Discrimination
Your ability to recognize and address harassment in the workplace is not just a legal issue, but a culture one as well. The risk of silence is too great even for emerging leaders. Develop skills to speak up with effectiveness while establishing respect in the process.
May 2
New Employee!
As a trusted leader among peers, often you are called
upon to help welcome new employees. Learn what you can do to help your new team members assimilate into the organizational culture and how to structure on-the-job training that meets their learning styles.
June 6
Project Financial Management:
Managing Self
This workshop will be facilitated by Lee James.
This session will broaden your understanding of principles of project financial management, including understanding financial and operational performance metrics and ratios in the reporting process. The program also will build greater appreciation and understanding of the business of engineering.
Aug. 29*
Team Dynamics: Overview
Explore the different team dynamic theories and stages that impact how individuals work together. We will review social styles, generational differences and several others factors to help you better understand group influences.

Oct. 3
Change Management: Managing Self
Learn the differences between change and transition and your own personal reactions to change. We will explore techniques to better manage your response to change so that you can be more adaptable to the ever-evolving world.
Nov. 7
Results Focus:
Continuous Improvement
Effective leaders know how to set goals, manage time, take initiative and solve problems. We will explore tips and best practices in these areas so that you achieve the results you are working so hard to accomplish.
Dec. 5
Leadership Theories:
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People 
Introduces the Seven Habits by Stephen Covey to help you become a more effective leader. Learn how to manage yourself in order to better influence others.
Level II Program
For project managers, senior technical leads, team leads and task leads who manage people
8 a.m. - Noon | Second Tuesday

Feb. 14
Communication & Relationships:
Difficult Conversations
Difficult conversations with direct reports are never fun, but they can be easier and more effective. Learn how to successfully listen  to concerns and reflect to show understanding, then set expectations and gain agreement.

March 14
Coaching & Development:
For Success & Defense
Performance improvement requires good coaching, motivation, delegation and follow up. When your efforts don't produce the  results you want, we will review effective methods for performance documentation as well as how to write performance  evaluations that inspire.
April 11
Employment Law:
Recognize Legal Issues
Your ability to recognize potential legal issues is critical to the morale of your employees, your team and your organization. We will explore the most common laws you may encounter and how to respond effectively while minimizing risk to your organization.
May 9
Hire the Best! 
If you could only hire more people like your star performers! Increase your odds by identifying the behaviors of your stars, developing behavioral interview questions and ensuring your questions are legal. We will also examine best practices for conducting an effective interview/selection process.

June 13 
Project Financial Management:
Managing Self and Others
This workshop will be facilitated by Lee James.
In this session, we will review leading the implementation of project financial management principles throughout the project management process, including planning and reporting of financial and operational performance. Interactive exercises will include analysis of company-reported results and determining appropriate questions and conclusions from reported results.

Sept. 12
Team Dynamics:
Introduction to Social Styles
Effective leaders not only have the ability to "read" others but are also able to adapt their work style to meet the needs of others. This session will introduce the four social styles and key components to versatility, including a self-assessment.

Oct. 10
Change Management: 
Managing Others
Change and transition are part of everyday life in the work world. Learn the four stages of transition and how you can effectively assist others through the change curve so that your team can move forward.

Nov. 14
Results Focus: Stepping Up From Individual Contributor
Congratulations, you received a promotion! Now the hard work begins. We will address the more common challenges new leads face, including understanding the metrics you are accountable for, establishing credibility and trust, and balancing competing priorities.
Dec. 12
Leadership Theories: Situational Leadership
Introduces the theory developed by Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey in which the leader/manager adjusts his/her style to fit the levels of the followers. Explores the four stages of group development and the most effective leadership style for each.
Program Notes
Limited to three employees from same firm per workshop. Availability of each workshop is based on minimum of 15 registrants. Each workshop limited to 20 registrants.

Registration Policies:
  • Registration and attendance at or participation in ACEC Colorado-sponsored events/activities constitutes an agreement by the registrant for the Council's use and distribution the attendee's image and/or voice in photographs, videos, electronic reproductions, and audio recordings of such events/activities.
  • ACEC Colorado seeks to avoid antitrust violations in connection with its activities, so participants should avoid engaging in conduct that gives even the appearance of an impermissible conversation, agreement, alliance, or impropriety. Discussions among attendees, speakers, exhibitors, board members, and staff must be kept free of even the suggestion of restraint of trade or the selection of suppliers, customers, or prices.
  • Cancellations must be received prior to Friday, Feb. 3. Cancellations received on or after that date will not receive a refund.
Is Your Firm Located in Northern Colorado?
ACEC Colorado is preparing a satellite program to be held in Fort Collins, based on interest.  Send an email to indicate your interest by Dec. 31, 2016.
Graduation Ceremony:  January 2018 
Level III and Level IV Workshops will be offered in 2018