People go where their leaders take them. We've heard that one before, and it applies, especially when trying to lead an organization.
Communicating mission and purpose is often best done through the actions of the organization's leader. It's the reason we host an event called the CEO & Community Leader Breakfast. Slated for June 7th at the Best Western Gateway Grand, this breakfast is the beginning of our efforts to influence local employers to invite the United Way into their organization as part of a larger mission to engage, connect and transform company culture and uplift the community.
We are fortunate this year to have co-CEO Rich Blaser of Infinite Energy as the keynote speaker because he embodies what it means to lead through action. If you are unfamiliar with Infinite Energy's story, you are in for a treat next month. There is probably not a better example of a home-grown business led by entrepreneurs who understand that companies are made up of people, and people drive success or failure, depending on which one you fuel through the setting of priorities. When we approached Rich about speaking, he said something that resonated: "People have to decide first if their culture is important to them, before they can think about what things to add as priorities." No truer thing has ever been said.  
We hope you will join us and the many other employers in the region who are currently engaged with United Way. If your company is not, we invite you to come listen to what others have discovered - United Way is a comprehensive solution to connecting employees to the community in which they live.
We have one life. To live better, we must #LiveUNITED.

Deborah V. Bowie, CCE, IOM
President & Chief Executive Officer

United Way
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