It was a red Mazda RX-7. I was driving at nearly 100 mph on the empty road in the middle of the night. I had finished a fifth of Jack Daniels, and had half a joint in the ashtray, along with a cigarette - to hide the smell. Seemed logical at the time, although who would smell the marijuana at this speed?

This wasn't my first night on the lonely road. It also wasn't my last. I wanted freedom. Freedom from the...

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Once a year I step away from my professional world and immerse myself completely in sport. Yes, the goal is to win, and the months and weeks leading up to the USA Adult Volleyball Championship are filled with extra hours in the gym, on the court, and in visualization. Wait....what? Yes, part of my annual preparation is using my...

The concept is simple and attendance is free!
We gather (via video conference) around a topic and discuss what you've read, challenges with the topic, how you'll implement new ideas, and more with your legal colleagues. The discussions are always thoughtful and lively, so we limit each session to only 12 guests and 45 minutes.  

June 22 | 12pm PST 
Inclusion Strategies
July 16 | 10am PST   
Client Interviews
Aug 31 | 10am PST
Leading Up
Sep 18 | 11am PST
Using Metrics
Oct 4 | 10am PST 
Goal Setting
Nov 27 | 10am PST
Hot Spot

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