Our recent Leaders' Lab conversation was focused on leading up. How do we influence our "bosses"? Let's start by defining 'leading up' to be influencing a person with power or authority for the mutually beneficial result, for the greater good. That opens the definition up beyond boss - to include leading those around you that have more authority or power than you do - could be peer-to-peer and still be leading up.

Power. Now that's a great starting point! What are the power...
I just survived my first hotel strike. That's not saying much, except after 600 nights of hotel time in the last decade, I've never stayed in one that had a strike. And by survived I'm stretching it! Certainly I had food and water, and the survival necessities. I didn't have the usual perks and amenities I've grown accustomed to.   Last year I went on an all-inclusive vacation with a travel group. We had an entire resort to ourselves, which was awesome, until nearly 2/3 of the travel group had dysentery...

The concept is simple and attendance is free!
We gather (via video conference) around a topic and discuss what you've read, challenges with the topic, how you'll implement new ideas, and more with your legal colleagues. The discussions are always thoughtful and lively, so we limit each session to only 12 guests and 45 minutes.  

Oct 10 | 10am PST 
Goal Setting
Nov 27 | 10am PST
Hot Spot - You choose the topic!

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