December 2017
VIDEO OF THE MONTH: "3 Truths to Wake You Up and Give You Purpose"

Navy SEAL David Rutherford's tragic tale of a fallen comrade shows you how to live the "Team Life."

"Are you  working on it, are you
working on it right now? Did you work on it today? Are you gonna go work on it tonight? Because I tell you, with those three things, you're on the road to commitment".

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ARTICLES OF THE MONTH: "9 Things You're Doing That Are Making Your Life More Difficult" by Joan Selby

No matter how hard we try, we all come across difficult periods sometimes. Often, we might chalk it up to bad luck or a set of circumstances we can't control. However, there is such a thing as trying to0 hard, and it might be holding you back. For example, you might agonize over what you are going to wear to work today, or which meal you are going to have at  lunchtime--and that's just the meaningless stuff. Maybe you're even worse when it comes to your work.

We seem to be doing 
everything we can to make our lives more difficult sometimes. Here are nine things you can avoid to try to make your life easier starting today.

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"What It Means To Be a Leader" by Shaz Khan

I see a lot of motivated, self-proclaimed successful people who use their status to talk down to "the masses," particularly Millennials, about how lazy they are and how they don't put in the work to be successful. We've all read their endless lectures. Yes, I'm calling out many of my peers and mentors as well, because good leadership means taking the heat.

But this--this whining about others is anything but good leadership.  It's not that I'm offended, but rather that I do not find the generational narrative to be an effective one. I am not defending inaction or laziness, but I will not support petty leadership either. 

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"Taking Charge on the  
Job: Techniques for Assertive Management" 
by Lyn Taetzsch - Book Reviewed by TLP Cohort #5 member

I would recommend this book to others because I have learned some effective tools on how to express needs and wants effectively. Most of my day is spent telling employees what to do. After reading this book, I have learned a lot about how to communicate with employees and have learned skills on how to be more effective. 

For instance, when asking an employee to do a task the way you want it done, do not be wishy washy, be direct. Say, "I need you to do this this way," not "I would like for you to try" or "maybe you can try it this way." This does not send a clear message. There are many scenarios in this book that help to show you how assertive a manager/supervisor you are and where your strengths and weaknesses are. This book also contains some problems that managers/supervisors face and gives ideas for how to solve them. 
"How to Find Your Most Productive Self (Simple 3-Step Process)" by Matt Valentine

As an entrepreneur, I follow a lot of other entrepreneurs for advice and inspiration. I mean a lot.

I follow them all mostly through being on their email lists, and it seems I get an email for a new "Ultimate XYZ Journal" product launch every couple of months like clockwork. I get it, and I don't blame them. Having a great journal or planner that helps you map out your day, week, month, and year makes you not only more productive but much more likely you'll hit your goals in the first place. A system such as that can really be the cornerstone of your productivity.
However, I sigh a little every time I see something like this because it's always the same thing:
"I've found the ultimate formula to achieve maximum productivity and realizing your goals. All you need to do is follow it to get my results!"

This is critically flawed because we all work differently.

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"Success at anything will always come down to this:
Focus & Effort.
And we control both."
- Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

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