January 2016
TED Talk's Julian Treasure ~ How to Speak So That People Want to Listen
Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Here's Julian Treasure to help. In this useful talk, the sound expert demonstrates the how-to's of powerful speaking - from some handy vocal exercises to tips on how to speak with empathy. A talk that might help the world sound more beautiful
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ARTICLE OF THE MONTH: Leadership is About Emotion

Make a list of the 5 leaders you most admire. They can be from business, social media, politics, technology, the sciences, any field. Now ask yourself why you admire them. The chances are high that your admiration is based on more than their accomplishments, impressive as those may be. I'll bet that everyone on your list reaches you on an emotional level.
This ability to reach people in a way that transcends the intellectual and rational is the mark of a great leader. They all have it. They inspire us. It's a simple as that. And when we're inspired we tap into our best selves and deliver amazing work.
Let's Take A Look At Tools That Allow For Talent To Shine:
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Motivational Leaders - Strategies and Wisdom from America's Top  Professional Motivators

Motivational Leaders shares the unmatched talent of fifteen of the world's leading motivational leadership experts.
Each author provides wonderful stories, anecdotes, examples, and quotations along with practical, useable information guaranteed to inspire and inform. Motivational Leaders shares strategies and perspectives that will motivate you...and help you to motivate others.
For more information about this book, please visit your local library or click here to purchase the book.
Have you read any good leadership books recently? If you have we would love to hear about it. Please contact Regina at [email protected] with your recommendation.  
Another Great Year Ahead!
We are excited to continue our work with  all of the cohort members.  Mary is in the process of preparing a communication for each cohort to let you know your individual status in the program, I will be following up with a discussion about the next steps in the final project process.
If you have modules you need to complete, please make sure to keep an eye on the calendar and register in  a timely manner.
This is a leadership program and we have high expectations that you will be a  self-directed learner and take responsibility for working with us on your progress.
Also remember that we take your feedback very seriously, please give careful consideration in completing your evaluations for each of the modules you attend, you are helping to design a program for those leaders that will participate after you.
All the Best
Donna Shea

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future Leadership Lessons topics, please feel free to email the designer Regina Hackett at [email protected]

"The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude;
be kind, but not weak;
be bold, but not bully;
be thoughtful, but not lazy;
be humble, but not timid;
be proud, but not arrogant;
have humor, but without folly."
 - Jim Rohn
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