November 2016
VIDEO OF THE MONTH:  5 Ways To Lead In An Era of Constant Change

Who says change needs to be hard? Organizational change expert Jim Hemerling thinks adapting your business in today's constantly-evolving world can be invigorating instead of exhausting. He outlines five imperatives, centered around putting people first, for turning company reorganization into an empowering, energizing task for all.

Managing change takes strong leadership skills whether you are in a municipality or private corporation. As you watch this video, think of ways you can use these skills to help your employees manage the constant changes you face each day in each of your agencies.  

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ARTICLE OF THE MONTH: COMANDS: Seven Skills/Traits of Effective Leadership
Mindful Awareness practices and trainings have spread widely with great implications for effective leadership. So many leadership models talk about "what to do" and "how to achieve" goals or "how to influence" people to follow them. 
The good news is that leaders may develop the ability to engage their people through these four qualities of trust, compassion, stability and hope with Mindful Awareness practices. Moreover, research shows mindful awareness practiced regularly can become a trait. Here seven skills/traits combined as the COMANDS model for great leadership with effective results.
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Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
Book Review by a TLP Cohort #4 Member

The authors of Extreme Ownership are Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, who were Navy Seals Team leaders in the Iraqi War. I would recommend this book due to the fact it gave actual scenarios and the results of the changes that were made. The changes that were encouraged were motivational through changing of leadership not policies.
The acceptance of ownership by leaders affected corporations as well as military teams that were written about in this book. There were actual results shown in both the corporate world and in the military.
A few key leadership lessons I found in this book were; the recognition of leadership itself is the greatest reason behind the success of any team. This is recognized by leaders at every level. The need for each role a supervisor or manager has at every level is important. A supervisor or manager in a role of a leader must accept ownership or blame of what went wrong with a plan. There is always something we could have done differently to achieve a goal.
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"One of the truest signs of maturity is the ability to disagree with someone while still remaining respectful"
- Dave Willis
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