November 2017
Congratulations TLP Graduates! 

On November 16, 2017 we honored 132 transportation professionals who completed our training programs. Among those 132 professionals, 17 of the graduates completed the Transportation Leadership Program (TLP). 

Congratulations to:

Joseph Baker - CT Department of Transportation
Robert Barone - City of Danbury
Paul Bellagamba - City of Waterbury 
Pasqualino Bruno - CT Department of Transportation 
James Clifford - Town of Greenwich
Gabriella Circosta-Cohee - Town of Greenwich
Neil Florio, Sr. - CT Department of Transportation 
Kevin Gambacorta - Town of Ellington
James Gracy - Town of Beacon Falls
Timothy McCrorey - City of New Britain 
Patrick McLaughlin - City of Norwich
Kirk Montstream - Town of Windsor Locks
Timothy P. Nolan - City of Danbury
Samuel Plumley - City of New Britain 
John D. Szruba - CT Department of Transportation
John Wells - CT Department of Transportation
Carlos Wimberly - CT Department of Transportation

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VIDEO OF THE MONTH:  "The Mindset of High Achievers"

The most inspirational video ever by Denzel Washington.

"Don't just aspire to make a living. Aspire to make a  difference. Anything you want good, you can have. So claim it. Work hard to get it. When you get it, reach back. Pull someone else up. Each one, teach one." - Denzel

Click here  to watch this moving video.

ARTICLES OF THE MONTH: "Managing Conflict for the Best Results - Six Tips for Making Conflict Productive" by KJR Consulting 

Although we all want our interactions with those we work with to be harmonious and cooperative, sometimes workplace conflict is unavoidable. The question now is, what can you do to get the best 
results once a conflict has already broken out?

1. Take a break to regain calm and peace of mind.

For most people, conflict is often uncomfortable and can trigger a variety of emotions. When we are at odds with someone else, we may be overcome by frustration, fear, or anger. These emotions flood our brains with powerful neurochemicals which make it difficult to think clearly and this often shows in our words and behavior. 

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"Who's the Boss?" by Tracy Knofla

I recently had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop on "Effective Supervision." During the workshop, we conducted role-play sessions on scenarios that the participants created. They were based on actual incidents that occurred within their workplace.

The scenarios ranged from
employees napping in an out-of-the-way spot to flat-out insubordination. In most cases, the supervisors in the role-play made themselves subservient to the employee, so as not to hurt their feelings. Even in the case of the insubordinate employee! 

Maybe it's my East Coast upbringing or maybe it's just 30+ years of supervising employees, but it was very difficult for me to watch the supervisors try to gain approval from their employees - when what they really needed was to discipline those employees.

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D EADLINE EXTENSION - TLP  Cohort #6 Applications

Due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we want to give you some additional time to complete the application for the next cohort of the Transportation Leadership Program. 
The deadline for completed applications is now
December 15, 2017 .

Do not hesitate to contact Donna Shea if you have any questions or would like to discuss potential candidates. 

"I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers." - Ralph Nader

"We cannot change what we are NOT aware of, and once we are AWARE, we cannot help but CHANGE."

- Sheryl Sandberg

The 2017 T2 Training Calendar

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Upcoming Transportation Leadership Program (TLP) Classes
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