October 2016
VIDEO OF THE MONTH:  Workplace Leadership

Why are some people great leaders? Are leaders born or made? These great questions are explored and answered. Individuals in all sorts of situations and positions within society can provide real leadership, provided they have the opportunity and the desire to do so. It takes willingness to try and some good social skills, but individuals can lead others to action. It requires effort and determination but, in the right circumstances, great things are possible.

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ARTICLE OF THE MONTH: Leadership In Today's Workplace
When you focus not only on the "what" of what it takes to be a successful leader but also the "how", you will see your sphere of influence grow and your career soar.
Most people equate leadership with a specific position or job title. But you need more then a title on the door to have followers. True leadership is the ability to influence people to achieve a better result for an organization or group. The most effective leaders have strong sense of self; they understand the qualities that make others want to follow them, and they know how to adjust those qualities when circumstances require them to do so. The most effective leaders are those who:
  • Know their own strengths and limitations
  • Create and effectively communicate a positive, realistic vision
  • Motivate and inspire followers to reach their potential
  • Look beyond their own self-interest and encourage others to do the same
  • Anticipate and manage conflicts fairly and objectively
  • Exhibit self-confidence
  • Respect and maintain personal and organizational values
  • Are fair, reasonable, and compassionate
  • Instill trust
  • Behave consistently

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You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader by Mark Sanborn
Book Review by a TLP Cohort #4 Member

I confess, I am not a big book reader. A book's topic really has to catch my attention. This book was spot on for me.
My position in Public Works is always introducing me to new coworkers and a wide variety of town residents. This book lays out, in a simple to read format, basic principles of good leadership. It gives you a straight forward approach on how to first give yourself focus to lead and prioritize your life, so that in return you can be a better communicator and lead by example in work.
I would highly recommend this book to our group. I will keep this book on hand for future reference, not only for myself, but as another tool for the crews here at the garage.
Introducing Supervisor's Signpost, the New T2 Center Supervisory Series

The T2 Center is very pleased to introduce the new series Supervisor's Signposts.
Public Works Foremen/Supervisors are critical to the success of each department and we wanted to provide concise tips for ways they can improve their day-to-day leadership skills.
The first in our series will focus on ways to be a better Role Model. We are hoping to introduce a new topic every few months. Each of the Supervisor's Signposts will be posted on the T2 Center's website. Look for new topics in the near future. Please pass these along to other supervisors in your agency.
Click here to view Being a Public Works Role Model.   

"Leaders who don't listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say." - Andy Stanley
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