October 2015
VIDEO OF THE MONTH: Making the Transition to Leader - Inspirational Leadership
"This is an inspirational video about the journey of transitioning to a leader. I hope you take a few minutes to watch and share with those supervisors in your departments who might benefit from it, I was inspired by it..."
~ Donna Shea

ARTICLE OF THE MONTH: The Toughest Choices a Leader Must Make

New leaders have many challenges to confront, but one of their most important tasks is to make some strategic decisions about what they want to accomplish in life and how they want to spend their time. Ray Blunt observes that these choices will be made one way or another (whether it is an active or passive process), but it is far better to make conscious choices that will lead to a true leadership legacy.
Check out Mr. Blunt's article here.
Who's the Boss?

Tracy Knofla's Thriving Tip has recently posted a "tip" where she discusses managers and the impact they have on their employees and their own legacies.
"A bad manager can take a good staff and destroy it, causing the best employees to flee and the remainder to lose all motivation."
You can access the complete tip here.
Congratulations TLP Graduates!

On October 22, 2015 we honored 152 transportation professionals who completed our programs. Within those 152 professionals, 12 of the graduates completed the Transportation Leadership Program.
Congratulations to:
Matthew Dobson - Town of Newtown
Jeffrey Doolittle  - Town of South Windsor
Bill Dwinells - Town of Tolland
John Jones - Town of Colchester
Paul Kelly - Town of Enfield
Marty Maynard - Town of Windsor
Mark E. Moriarty - City of New Britain
George Noewatne - Town of Cheshire
Mark Owens - Town of South Windsor
Joseph Roberto - Town of Greenwich
Kirk Severance - Town of Granby
James Sugden - Town of Southbury
To learn more about the TLP Program click here.
ALL TLP COHORTS: Keeping Connected to Training

 During the late Fall and Winter months, it can be difficult to keep crews focused on training and professional developments. Help your staff stay on top of technical and operational information  by taking advantage of our safety  briefs and tailgate talks.
Visit the resources page on our website to access training tools on a wide variety of topics and share the information to keep your crew safe over the Winter and to give your agency a head start for a safe and healthy Spring.

"A true  leader is one who is humble enough to admit their mistakes"
 - Unknown
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