September 2017
VIDEO OF THE MONTH: "Tom Brady on the Importance of Leadership - Earn It" 

Football legend Tom Brady shares
 his uneasy experience when he was a young team player and how he earned his place as team leader. 
"I didn't have an easy experience. I didn't come in as a top-rated recruit. I didn't come in with the opportunity to play right away. I had to earn it."

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ARTICLE OF THE MONTH: "11 Leadership Lessons Learned" by Kate Farley from 

Here are 11 lessons I learned about leadership - mostly from much-admired colleagues and just a little experience. 

1. Talk less, listen more.
People will pay attention to what you have to say just because of your position. The leader's job is to pay attention to what other people say, especially those who think their views don't count. Show you're listening by acting on what people tell you, and gain their trust by giving them credit. 

2. Don't step in with solutions too quickly. No one learns anything new if they keep doing what they already know how to do and don't allow others to try. Anyway, they may find a different or better way, and if not...mistakes are valuable too. 

3. Be authentic, passionate, even emotional about what you believe in. Share your vision and live your values. The personal is more engaging, even more inspiring, than the process.  

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"5 Levels of Leadership"
by John C. Maxwell -
Book Reviewed by TLP Cohort #5 member

The 5 Levels of   Leadership was a good book. It told us the five different levels of leadership which are:

Level 1 the Position Level = Gaining the Leader Position. 
Level 2  the Permission Level  = Building relationships with your employees. 
Level 3  the Production Level = Getting jobs done or results. 
Level 4  People Development = Developing new leaders.

The final level is the  Pinnacle Level =  Elite Leaders. Most people don't make it to the final level because it is the hardest level to achieve; it's more work than simply leading followers. If you don't have the mindset of becoming a good leader, you will not succeed.

I would recommend this book to others who want to su cceed.
Congratulations to TLP Cohort #4 Members Who Completed Their Final Projects! 
On August 31, 2017, several TLP Cohort #4 members successfully completed their final project presentations!
Congratulations to:  
Jay Clifford
John Wells
 Kirk Montstream
 Kevin Gambacorta
 Rob Barone
Gabriella Circosta-Cohee
Tim McCrorey (presented w/Sam Plumley)
Sam Plumley (presented w/Tim McCrorey)
Tim Nolan
We here at the T2 Center are so very proud of all of your hard work and dedication
TLP Program Graduate Accepts a New Promotion
Frank Petise, a TLP Cohort #3 graduate, has accepted a new promotion. Frank (formerly with the Town of Greenwich as a Senior Civil Engineer) recently accepted a position with the City of Stamford as the Traffic Engineer. Congratulations, Frank!

Whatever the milestone, it's worthy of a celebration and should be shared. We want to hear from you. Contact Regina Hackett with your good news!

"One of the most important leadership lessons is realizing you're not the most important or the most intelligent person in the room."
- Mario Batali

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