We are delighted to introduce the Transportation Leadership Program's new electronic newsletter! This publication will be sent to current members of our TLP and our program alumni. We intend to make it a monthly publication and use it to keep you in touch with the latest information on leadership skills and as a way to keep you connected to each other and the T2 Center. Leadership Lessons will highlight hot topics, share useful resources, and showcase the great work being done by our cohort members. Keep an eye out for each month's issue.  We thank you for your continued participation and interest in the Transportation Leadership Program!




Donna Shea

                                                         Program Director
Much like newspapers have Business or Sports sections, Leadership Lessons will feature regular sections each month that will focus on leadership topics. The Resource Room is where you'll find a book of the month and a video of the month recommended by the T2 Staff and our leadership instructors. Here are this month's highlights:

BOOK OF THE MONTH: Difficult Conversations- How to Discuss what Matters Most
This book, a product of the Harvard Negotiation Project, teaches you how to have any truly difficult conversation. Whether you have an under-performing employee that needs improvement, or are having a disagreement with your colleagues, this book can help. Based on fifteen years of research, Difficult Conversations will walk you through the steps on how to have the most difficult conversations effectively and with less stress.

VIDEO OF THE MONTH: TED Talk- Dan Pink on the Surprising Science of Motivation
You want to motivate your employees by giving them a raise, but there simply isn't enough money in the budget. Good news: a surprising amount of science shows that most employees are not motivated by money. In this TED Talk, Dan Pink discusses why financial gain does not necessarily translate into happy effective employees, and what you can do to make your staff more motivated.
In the "Peer"iodicals section you'll find content that has been recommended by your peers who are TLP participants or alumni. This month we're featuring an article submitted by Tiger Mann, Town of New Canaan, who is an alumni of TLP Cohort 1.

Article : And so We Meet, Again: Why the Workday is so Filled with Meetings
Have you ever felt sequestered in a meeting when you really need to be working on something else? This article from NPR describes the common problem of unproductive meetings and uncovers what may be causing them to be so ineffective. 

In the Success Stories section we will put a spotlight on those TLP members who have done outstanding work and deserve a big CONGRATS! This month we would like to spotlight:

Joe Bragaw (Town of East Lyme) and Tiger Mann (Town of New Canaan) alumni from TLP Cohort 1. They will be joining our group of leadership program instructors and will be facilitating Module 2 this year. We are excited to welcome them to the T2 Center team!

In the Noteworthy News section we will include any news from the T2 Center that we feel may be helpful to the TLP members. Here's what we'd like to share with you this month:

T2 to Develop Professionalism Video  for Public Works Community
Over the next several months the T2 Center will be developing a video about professionalism in public works that will showcase what being a professional in the public works field means. It will focus on how an individual can approach public works as a career instead of just a job and how today's employees truly are the future of public works. We will be encouraging all public works departments to share this video with both new and veteran employees. Stay tuned for more information about this video over the next few months!

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."
- John C. Maxwell
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