VIDEO OF THE MONTH: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Author Simon Sinek explores how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust and change. In this video, How Great Leaders Inspire Action, Sinek discusses how to motivate action within your team by explaining the "why" behind what you do and what you believe. 

ARTICLE OF THE MONTH: Advice on Advice

Two professors from Harvard Business School have recently been addressing the topic of advice. All leaders must give advice to members of their team, and at times, seek advice themselves. This article discusses how to give the most helpful advice, and tells you the do's and dont's of how to get advice from others. 

In this highly practical bestseller, Berkun discusses everything you'll need to know to excel at public speaking. This entertaining and instructional book will give you a new take on speaking in front of a crowd, as well as go through some best and worse case scenarios from Berkun's personal experience. For more information about this book, visit Berkun's website.
Congratulations to the leadership of New Milford and Windsor Locks (Winners in the 2015 CIRMA Risk Management Award program). Both towns took steps to improve the safety culture within their agencies by creating organizational structures such as a  Safety Solutions Team, a Department Safety Committee, regular tool box talks led by crew members, updated department procedures, regular facilities and equipment audits, and incident investigation reviews that identify root causes and corrective action for unsafe behavior. These agencies are seeing the positive results of their proactive leadership efforts.

We encourage you to share your success stories with us, no matter how big or small by sending an email to Nicole Creaturo. We would love to share them here, with your TLP community.

The T2 Center staff is excited to welcome Jerri Mizrahi as one of our TLP facilitators. Jerri is coming all the way from Boise, Idaho to work  with you on the Change Management module. Promises to be a very good session if you need an Elective. A few spaces are still open if you have not already registered. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Mary McCarthy.   
Note:  TLP Alumni, you are also welcome to register for this elective if it is a topic of interest to you.

"For success, attitude is equally as important as ability."
- Henry E. Banks
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