ARTICLE OF THE MONTH: There is No Good Way to Manage People (But We Have to Try Anyway)

People are people. Everyone brings with them to work their own backgrounds, opinions, ideas and baggage; So how do you 
effectively manage them all?
This article by Tron Jordheim, CMO of StorageMart, gives some tips on how to manage all different kinds of people so they feel motivated to achieve their goals.

VIDEO OF THE MONTH: What is Leadership? with David Marquet

Great leaders are not the people who are the smartest or who give the best orders, great leaders are the people who empower others to think on their own and give them the tools to lead themselves. In this video, David Marquet, former submarine captain for the U.S. Navy, discusses how he implemented a form of communication on his boat that led to one of the most cohesive and productive teams the military has ever seen. 
This section is for articles and resources that have been recommended by your TLP peers. Don't forget to send us any interesting leadership or management articles that you come across - we'd love to share them with your TLP community!

Tom Hughes (City of Danbury)
Tom Hughes, alumni from TLP Cohort 1, has been invited to give a presentation to UConn's Civil Engineering Students on the Scour Sensor System used on bridges. Scour is the hole left behind when sediment is washed away from the bottom of the river. If the rock on which bridge supports rest is scoured by a river, the bridge could become unsafe for travel. In his presentation on the Scour Monitoring System Concept (originally part of Hughes's TLP capstone project), he discusses why we should monitor bridge scours and how sensor systems can help you do just that. 
It's TLP project time and many of you are hard at work on your capstone projects. We would just like to check in and remind you that if you have any questions or concerns , please do not hesitate to contact Donna Shea. We look forward to your presentations and commend your perseverance and hard work!
T2 Center Works with NEAPWA for Spring Conference

The staff of the T2 Center participated with the leadership of the New England Chapter of the APWA to develop a great agenda for the upcoming NEAPWA Spring Conference being held on April 14
th at the Windsor Marriott. This would be a great opportunity to enhance both your technical and leadership skills. Our own TLP instructor, Kenya Rutland, is the luncheon keynote speaker.  Hope to see you there, for more information click here to visit the NEAPWA website. 

"The best way to escape a problem is to solve it."
- Alan Saporta
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