Leadership Mastery Program for Emerging and Established Managers and Leaders

Skills Every Manager and Leader Must Master!!

Are Your Managers and Leaders Following the Latest Strategies and Solutions to Recruit, Retain, Engage, Train, Motivate, Articulate, and Instill a More Positive, Productive, and Profitable Culture?

As you know, people join companies and leave managers. Unfortunately, people get promoted for their technical skills and not their ability to lead. The quality of your leadership and management team directly correlates to your organizations level of success.

Arnold's programs will focus on the essential skills, and competencies managers and leaders must possess to build a more positive, productive, and profitable culture. Hiring Arnold is like having leadership and organizational development expert on your team at a fraction of the cost.

Now! You will get a continual improvement learning system to upgrade the skills of your managers and leaders that goes well beyond a "learn and forget" one time training program.

Just ten professional development programs, plus unlimited access for questions, advice, mentoring, and continual support are all that stand between your managers/ leaders and better leadership outcomes.

Arnold Sanow, MBA, CSP, who has worked with thousands of leaders and managers from top-rated companies and organizations will work with your team to provide best practice tips, tools, and solutions they can use ... NOW!
The All-Inclusive 12 Month Onsite Professional Development Program and System with Unlimited Access for Questions, Advice, Mentoring and Support, Includes:  (modules can be adapted with different topics depending on your challenges, needs, and concerns)
Module 1 - Communication Crushers vs. Positive Interactions - This interactive session will provide the participants with an in-depth understanding of the traits, behaviors, attitudes, and communication elements that either help or hinder working relationships, team cooperation, and a positive work culture. We will cover such areas as the power of appreciation, active listening, e-mail rules, empathy vs. sympathy, blame, accountability, rudeness, snap judgments, assumptions, sarcasm, everyday interactions and more
Module 2 - Understand others First - To understand, motivate, influence, lead and get along with others we need to communicate in the ingredients that others find important and not just what we find as important. The statement, "treat others the way you want to be treated" should be changed to "treat others the way they want to be treated" At the end of this module everyone will understand their communication style and the style of others with whom they work. As a result, each participant will improve their ability to build rapport, relationships, and connect with others. We will use a proprietary communication styles exercise.
Module 3 - Generational, Gender, and Cultural Differences - Communicating is an art, not a science. To be able to motivate, influence, and create a more positive, productive, and profitable work culture, it is essential that we understand the characteristics, traits, and differences of others. In this session, we will explore how to understand, connect, communicate, and get the most out of those from different age groups, gender, and cultural differences.
Module 4 - Body Language, Tone, and Words - It's how you say it, not just what you say. This module looks at how your body language, the tone of your voice, and the fact that the words you use can either enhance connections or destroy them. Participants will learn techniques to make themselves more approachable, likable, and trustworthy and how to instantly detect the meaning of the body language of others.
Module 5 - Unconscious Bias/ Your Rule Book - Everyone sees things through different lenses. We all have separate realities, and when people don't abide by or break our rules or expectations, it generates a reason to penalize or disconnect from the person (violator). This module will look at how your biases, assumptions, snap judgments, stereotypes, should's, should not's and ego is getting in the way of building enduring connections and positive relationships.

Module 6 - Emotional Intelligence - What it is, how to use it, and why it matters to you. This module will look at the five keys that are the competencies of those with high emotional intelligence; self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy, and effective relationships.
Module 7 - Managing Disagreements, Dealing with "Difficult" People and Handling Difficult Conversations - This module will go over the four steps to manage any disagreement, 12 ways to deal with difficult people, handling bullies, negativity, and step by step templates to manage difficult conversations.
Module 8 - 7 Ways to Get Everyone Singing Your Praises - This module focuses on the seven competencies that will help you and your team members get along with anyone, anytime, anywhere. We will focus on keeping your attitude adjusted at all times, being reliable, responsive, displaying trust and credibility, appearance, empathy, and kindness.
Module 9 - Leader Development - Train the Trainers. This module will provide Leaders with specific training tools, exercises, activities, strategies, and tactics they can use on an ongoing basis to train and get the most out of their team.
Module 10 - Presentation Skills Training - Whether speaking to one person or one hundred getting your message across clearly and concisely is essential to your success. Fortune magazine mentioned it as the #1 skill for career growth. This module will help anyone project poise and professionalism, captivate and engage their listeners, persuade people to act on what is said, eliminate the fear of speaking "speaker's anxiety" and boost your credibility, image, and personal presence. Presentation skills are essential for every Leader.
Optional Add On or Substitute for Another Module:

Sexual Harassment - What it is and what it isn't. This module will look at how to recognize and deal with sexual harassment. Sexual harassment prevention starts with a change of behavior. Although some workplace behavior is easy to identify as inappropriate, many actions that may appear innocent on the surface may be viewed as incidents of sexual harassment.

The Leadership Mastery Program Includes: 
  • One flat fee - NO expenses-
  • All programs presented by Arnold Sanow in-person - on-site
  • Master handout developed and reproduced by Sanow Professional Development for each session
  • Meetings before each session by phone/skype/in-person to tailor the program
  • Delivery of each presentation at the client's location
  • Follow up e-mail after each session with a summary of "keepers" key points to remind and reinforce
  • Access to ongoing 2-minute tips e-zine to remind and reinforce
  • Debrief after each session with key people to share observations and steps for continual improvement
  • Ongoing and unlimited access to Arnold between sessions for advice, questions, mentoring or support by phone, e-mail or skype 24/7
  • PDF electronic copies of Arnold's "Get Along" book for all participants. See description at the online store at www.arnoldsanow.com 
  • Relevant articles for the client to use in newsletters, web site, etc. for continual learning
  • The client has permission to record or videotape the sessions for future reference
  • Debrief with key leaders after each meeting to go over observations and steps for continual improvement.
  • Certificate of completion
Please feel free to contact Arnold anytime at 703-255-3133; cell- 703-869-1881- speaker@arnoldsanow.com  or www.arnoldsanow.com  

 A Few Client testimonials 

Arnold, thank you for facilitating a great day with our team. This first-rate professional development was spot-on and well-received by all. I look forward to reading your book. Your expertise as a "Get Along Coach" is obvious. John Richman, Ph.D. President, North Dakota State College of Science
Thank you so much for the days!  It was a great workshop, and I feel very beneficial not only for the Management Trainees but also for me.  I would definitely like to continue with this program in the future.  I will keep in touch as we move forward with future groups.  Kristi Paulson, Marketing Resource and Talent Development, Toyota

My bureau, Eagles Talent Connection, has had the opportunity to book Arnold for speaking engagements on multiple occasions. Arnold does an excellent job of listening to the client's needs, tailoring his presentation, and absolutely exceeding their expectations. I have received many spin-offs from his original appearances for our clients, and these have resulted in additional bookings. He is a pleasure to work with and a great value. Thanks, Arnold!!   Kristi Wilson, VP Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau

Arnold was a big hit this week! He was full of energy, had great stories, related well to our group, and was funny. The group walked away with specific ways to connect with our customers. Thanks for making both of us look good! Paula Kennedy, Manager Learning Development, Kaiser Permanente

Great job Arnold!  In addition to your terrific presentation, we really appreciated your exceptional efforts to get to know our audience.  Your coming in early was a real stress reducer as well!  We definitely look forward to working with you again.  I heard nothing but compliments from our chapter leaders regarding your presentations in Phoenix and Atlanta.  Well done! Joe Frack, CEO, Society of Financial Service Professionals
Arnold Just wanted to say a quick thank you for presenting to our team on Tuesday night.  Everyone was still talking about it the next morning.  You did a fabulous job engaging everyone and keeping the presentation interesting and useful.... Not an easy task after a long workday, a full meal, and at 7:30 in the evening! I believe that you helped energize our team and reminded them about what is important, what is expected by customers, and how to make a stronger and more positive impression with our customers. We all had a fun time, and I enjoyed working with you.  Thanks again. Amy Shannon, Meeting Coordinator, Lockheed Martin

Arnold, thank YOU for two great presentations. Overall, the team was very pleased with the day. You were very well received by all. I will pass on my recommendations to the event planning team, and hopefully, we can one day work together again. Doris Dunn, Director of Community Relations, Farmers Insurance - Chairperson, Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters of Southern California

Arnold, You were a great speaker, and all the buzz has been very positive. Thanks for being so flexible on the schedule. I have forwarded your email to everyone in the company. If you ever need a reference, please don't hesitate to use me. Scott Jones, Senior Vice President, Donaldson Property Management

The comments were very positive as you reinforced listening and communication skills in a good interactive session. Many were pleased, and I thank you so much! Nada Abilmona, Project Coordinator, Training Division, FBI Academy

I can speak confidently for our entire group in saying that your delivery, pace, content, style, and especially the on-target videos and examples were just what we needed to accomplish our goal. When I saw you greeting attendees at the door on the first day, I knew we had hit a home run in selecting you as our trainer. Thank you for the books and the post-training cards and materials. I will definitely pass along your name to VDOT-wide trainers and training stakeholders. Karl Reedy, District Administrator, Virginia Department of Transportation.

You rocked it! The feedback is overwhelmingly positive. I look forward to working with you again. I'm so glad that it all worked out - perfectly! Thank you!!!!! Kathy R. Lubitz, Leadership & Org. Development Sr. Manager, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
Your presentation was perfect, and right on the money!!   Thanks for working with us.   Maybe we will have a chance to work together again.  Linda Strickland, AgCarolina, Farm Credit

What a quality presentation!  You couldn't have done better for us if you had planned years ahead. The quality, attention to detail, and preparation were right on the money! Ron Davis, CSP, Chairman of Security Associates

Arnold knows how to empower individuals and deliver a session on leadership and people development that is inspiring.  He challenges professionals to consider every employee engagement as a strategy to increase morale and productivity.  Arnold reminds the audience communication is an art, and great leaders are on a constant pathway of self-discovery.  Well received session. Judy Cartwright-Stephenson VP, Human Resources, Kaplan Learning Company

Thanks for a great job! You were on the mark and your efforts to tie your subject to our business enabled our people to get more out of the presentation. The response from the group was an overwhelming "yes" to your program.  Let's discuss on-going sessions. Ira Barkoe, Executive Vice President, COMSTOR
This is just a quick note to thank you for another great presentation.  All of the feedback we have received was very positive.  While our program is in the business of communicating, it doesn't necessarily mean we are perfect at it ourselves.  You gave us a nice foundation for us to work from in building a more effective group of managers and supervisors. There was a lot of very helpful information that was presented in a way that people engaged in and got a lot out of.  Everyone was pretty energized by what you said and how you said it. Robert Tynan, Deputy Administrator, Office of Public Affairs, U.S. Department of Agriculture



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